Haiku Oracle Challenge, Day 1

Yesterday my haiku oracle deck arrived, just in time to start today on the #haikuoraclechallenge. 

The haiku oracle deck is the work of Kristen of Over The Moon Oracle Cards, who is also the host of this month’s challenge. 

Day One

Focus for the month 

I’m not sure, as a recovering insomniac, when sleep won’t ever be a priority, but it’s indicated here as something to be mindful of. Also sleep’s younger sibling, rest. For me that’s being okay with taking a nap, a lunch break. Time for meditation or a walk. 

The second lines allude to the fact that slow steady progress is preferrable to my insane default pace of flat out. 

Slow and rest are both working concepts I’m getting up close and personal with. I fear losing momentum. But I also fear losing my fragile health. So restful slowness it is in a month where I have so much to get done. 

What else do you see in the poem? If you applied this to your life,what might it signal?

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