Haiku Oracle Challenge, Day 5

Day 5

Your Energy Level

the oak tree

feet planted

into the gloom

For now, stoic and steady and grounded. Which is about spot on (also the kind of earth vibe I’m trying to curate!)

That’s ahead of the pending gloom which is the inevitable chaotic crash hormones bring. I’m actually quite relieved that I’ve had a few extra days before the intense emotions and exhaustion descends.

Not being caught out this month. What happens when you get caught out last month and then become vigilant for a few more until you get caught out again!

Interestingly enough, my daily draw was the King of Pentacles (I’ve never drawn him in the Shadowscapes deck pack) who is depicted as an oak tree. Reminding me that my vibe can be both success orientated and generous!

Challenge hosted by @otmoraclecards. Haiku oracle deck available here

3 thoughts on “Haiku Oracle Challenge, Day 5

    • Thank you. Not quite sure what the time month is going to hold. I expected it to be super busy but it’s had a bit of a slow start and I’m okay with that.

      The Shadowscapes is such an odd deck for me to be drawn to. I’m not really into fantasy. Perhaps it’s the fact the Phoenix is Death in this deck? I didn’t know you had tarot?! That’s awesome.


      • A slow start sounds like a good thing.

        I have two tarot decks that I use–Shadowscapes and the Gaian Tarot. I find I tend to use the latter more, as it has a nicely grounded energy. But the artwork on Shadowscapes is gorgeous. I followed Stephanie Pui-Mun Law as she was creating the deck and was delighted to get the chance to own so many pieces of her artwork.


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