Haiku Oracle Challenge, Day 8

IDay 8
Advice for letting go

the wild duck
not interested
into the gloom

A wild animal is only concerned in remembering that which boosts its chances of survival. Everything else is inconsequential to its life and not worth remembering.

This suggests that the best way to let go, is to focus on living, in the now. To have no interest in being tied to or imprisoned by the past. It’s a choice where you go and how you go. It’s always better to travel lighter.

To ask: Is this truly important to a better now or a better future or a better me? If not. Leave it behind. It’s not yours to carry any further.

. . .

I have a penchant for burning. I *love* to write lists of things I no longer want to carry in my heart or my head. And once burned I’m pretty clear (or I try to be) that it’s been released, and with it, my release from it. I can be pretty stubborn in that way.

. . .

I have spent the last few months practising zen detachment. It is not always easy to simultaneously care and be unattached. When I’m in the zone, it is an ecstatic sense of freedom that accompanies it.

Challenge hosted by @otmoraclecards

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