Mapping The Soul-Skin #8

Something bloody exciting happened this week. A character started talking in my head. It’s been the longest time since this has happened for a solo project. Even more exciting – I know how these Soul-Map poems may be wound in. A fortnight ago Nicole Cody told me to listen for a voice, that something would rise up from the small words of my poetry. As always, it’s never what you think it is!

This fortnight gone, I’ve been working on postcard tarot readings and maybe it was the act of being daily engaged in writing, or it was the return of nightly walks, or a bit of both, that a story had started to flow.

And chatting writing this weekend, as I caught up with a handful of friends who were in Brissy for GenreCon, the story took the leaps of creative faith it does when ideas are shared and I now have a flimsy gossamer structure of a story. It’s more than I’ve had for two years regarding this idea.

There is such a thrill standing in the cusp of a story. Now, like almost everyone I know, it’s the task of making time to write!! The act of writing (for me) is always the easy bit.


3 thoughts on “Mapping The Soul-Skin #8

    • Hey lovely,
      I am taking an extra long break from all social media. Only planned to do a month but it looks like it will be at least two months (possibly more!). Still going through big shifts, new business offerings in quietly exploring and honing, caring for my Mum and taking care of me.

      How have you been?

      (Not much fiction happening but it’s brewing!)

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      • Ah that’s ok. Don’t blame you! Can be a bit much sometimes. I’m currently trying to rework exactly how I interact with social media. Hasn’t led to the healthiest of habits for me.

        It sounds like you’re doing well, and staying busy. I’m doing well, also. Lots of shifting with work and my future with my partner (in good ways) but just examining a lot as my Saturn return ends…


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