Postmarked Piper’s Reach, co-written with Adam Byatt (Vine Leaves Press)
Release date: July 18th 2019 Goodreads

Encursion – Birthpunk Book 1 (The JAR Writer’s Collective)
Release date: June 2020


Elyora* (also published as River of Bones by Endeavour Press), digital (2012, Review of Australian Fiction), paperback (2017, self published) buy here

No Need to Reply: a collection of flash fiction (2014, self-published) buy here

Postmarked Piper’s Reach, Christmas Special, with Adam Byatt (2013, self published) free download

The Heart is an Echo Chamber, edited by Jodi Cleghorn (2016, self-published) buy here

The Starling Requiem* (2018, self-published) buy here

* shortlisted for an Aurealis Award


Postmarked: Piper’s Reach, with Adam Byatt online

24’ co-authored, with Claire Jansen online


‘Demon Lover’ (Getting Hitched website) out of print


‘The Chameleon’ – Thieves and Scoundrels (Absolute Xpress) out of print

‘Mercurial’ and ‘Prologue’ – Chinese Whisperings: The Red Book (eMergent Publishing) free download

‘The Man Who Would’ – 50 Stories for Pakistan (Big Bad Media) out of print

‘Taping Lydia’ – Best of Friday Flash, Volume 1 (Friday Flash) out of print


‘Clutch’ – 100 Stories for Queensland (eMergent Publishing) out of print

‘Kissed by the Sun’ – Dead Read Heart (Ticonderoga Publications) buy here

‘Blinded’ – Hope (Kayelle Press) out of print

‘Cocaine My Sweetheart’ – Eighty Nine (eMergent Publishing) free download 

‘Scarecrow Man’ – Nothing But Flowers (eMergent Publishing) free download


‘Broken Angel’ – Deck the Halls (eMergent Publishing) free download

‘Indigo’ – From Stage Door Shadows (eMergent Publishing) free download

‘Intersected’ – Vine Leaves Literary Journal (Vine Leaves Press) out of print

‘She-Hero’ Best of Friday Flash, Volume 2 (Friday Flash) out of print


‘Firefly Epilogue’ – One Small Step (FableCroft) kindle only

‘River of Bones’ (Endeavour Press) out of print

‘Saw Him Standing There’ – Sunday Shots, The Shorts (Chuffed Buff Books) out of print

‘555’ – Tincture Literary Journal, 3 (Tincture Literary Journal) free download


‘Nothing New to Begin’- Tincture Literary Journal, 5 (Tincture Literary Journal) free download

‘Ambrosia’ – Vine Leaves Literary Journal (Vine Leave Press) out of print

‘Olives’ (Ink, Sweat & Tears) online

‘First to a Hundred’ – Tincture Literary Journal, 5 (Tincture Literary Journal) free download


Paper Mâché’ – No Love Lost (Pankhearst) buy here

‘Dear You’ (Transportation Press) online

‘At Arm’s Length’ Tincture Literary Journal, 11 (Tincture Literary Journal) free download

‘The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth’ – Never Never Land (Canberra Science Fiction Guild) buy here


‘The Leaves No Longer Fall’ –  (Paper Road Publications) kindle only

‘Womb-of-Mine’ – Lane of Unusual Traders (Tiny Owl Workshop) unpublished