The Starling Requiem

TSRcoverAnikó has a new life as an author, supported for a year by a meager grant. By day, she writes the novel the Government commissioned. By night, she writes a novel the Government would never endorse. To stave off loneliness and hunger, she joins a study mapping the neural pathways of narratives, and it is there, in the Science Partition, she meets the enigmatic and paranoid E. When E goes missing, Anikó is forced to walk the liminal space between her old life and new to find him. The search unearths cutting-edge, pre-revolution technology that promises both resurrection and revolt in the real and imagined worlds.

eISBN 978-0-9945506-4-4
Publication Date: 01.11.2018
~34 pages (11,500 words)
$2.99 Digital Download Only
Available as epub and mobi