The First 9 Days of a Photo a Day

My photo for a day quest lost momentum and steam last year, and in the end it was one of the projects I let go, feeling I was wallowing in the failure of it, rather than riding the wave of creative expression it should have presented me with. The thing is, for the last few months I’ve been hankering for it. So to celebrate the 2011 New Year I decided to climb back behind the view finder and start snapping moments again.

Compliments of no internet and a rather weird and crazy week, the first lot of photos will go up in one post, but expect a single shot a day from now on.

#1 Cairn at the Top of the World (Carson’s Look Out, NSW)

We stopped to enjoy the look out and a stretch of the legs on our journey back to Walcha from Gloucester on New Years Day. At the top of the hill is is at least 5 – 10 degrees cooler than lower down and a blessed relief from the heat! The view is amazing ( have other pics up on facebook) … but I was more interested in the interesting shadows and textures in the cairn. Plus I’m a sucker for a bit of history.

#2 Tangled Fishing Line across generations (Cobrabold River – Walcha, NSW)

Mr D got his first fishing rod from his Auntie Alison and Uncle David. As to be expected, the line soon got snarled and tangled, prompting not one, but two sets of hands. This is Dave and his Dad doing their best to fix, what ended up being, an unfixable situation. RIP reel!

#3 Storms A-Coming (Walcha, NSW)

All afternoon we’d watched the storm clouds gather and we left Walcha with the sky looking like this, taken across the yard of Dave’s Dad’s neighbour. Love the juxtaposition of the dark sky (complete with true storm clouds) and the colours in the backyard – especially the red roof.

#4 Leaving the Storm for dead (Tenterfield, NSW)

Storms were everywhere in our final days in NSW and we drove through a nasty one just outside of Tenterfield, thus we were glad to put it behind us and head for clearer skies and home. Have always loved the view from the rear vision mirros.

#5 Belated Birthday Wishes

The card finally arrived… from Paul and Julia in England – with Paul now holding a better record for celebrating birthdays than me. Shall be better this year. Surprise mail when you arrive home from holidays is always a treat! And I love seeing the handwriting of someone who I normally only ever see in text via email or SMS.

#6 Domestic Vamp

This was the view from the bed where I was sitting folding washing. I thought it an interesting combination of what our lives have become, since we became parents. There’s the old me in the photograph, the perennial box of tissues and the kid’s story book. Oh, and the dust! Yes, the dust…

#7 More Surprise Mail

The British Royal post really out did itself this year. Granted there was some rather abysmal weather to contend with. Paul and Julia’s Christmas card is post stamped 13 December. I can guess given the few days difference in arrival times, my birthday card was meant to actually arrive on my birthday! Wonder if there is any more surprise mail awaiting me in the following week?

#8 Consumed by Tim Winton

My book lying in wait. I didn’t get up again until I’d finished it (at 2:30am this morning). Love Winton’s crisp, sparse writing style which eludes to so much else below the surface. Can’t wait to read more of his work. Highly recommend it, even if you’re not a fan of surfing (I’m not but it grabbed me). There is some rather “challenging” sexual content towards the end.

#9 Enter the Tooth Fairy

The wait is over! It started to wobble just before my birthday back in December and after some serious wobbling earlier on in the week (to no avail) it popped out this morning while Mr D was munching on some chocolate buttons. Looking forward to see The Rock prancing around our place tonight in his fairy outfit.

#129 First Day

#129/365, originally uploaded by tigerlily4865.

Today I became the Mum of a primary school student. More tears on my part and feeling sad that it is the end of an era and the start of another.

He was VERY brave. Looking forward to hearing the joys of school this afternoon.

The best summation for me was a mixture of relief, grief, happiness, freedom and emptiness.  You know the feeling you get in your tummy… but you never tell anyone about. That was me!

So the next great adventure is just around the corner, peeking and winking at me…

#127 Uncommon Finds

#127/365, originally uploaded by tigerlily4865.

Every year when we go to the Book Fair we find something interesting in the pages of one book.

This time is was a ticket to Michael Jackon’s 1996 World Tour ‘History’. Well it really is history with the passing of Jackson last year.

Dave wondered how much something like this would go for on eBay?

I wondered if the person who originally owned the book was doing field research on whether or not Jackson may have been an alien in disguise?

#126 Waiting

#126/365, originally uploaded by tigerlily4865.

Our old housemate has moved across to South Brisbane – this was one of the windows in the house next door.

I love the afternoon sun hitting the fancy glass, and the curtain patient on the window sill for the next breath of wind to fly again.

(Loving the amazing zoom on our new camera.)