Haiku Oracle Challenge, Day 10

Day 10
From your inner child 

autumn moonlight
heat waves shimmering 
still not a butterfly

I have to say that this hasn’t made me feel better with time and reflection. The final line floors me. Still not a butterfly. For all that I’ve done, seen, explored, experimented with, felt, dreamed… whatever it was I yearned for as a child, I haven’t got there yet.

But what did I want as a child?

Perhaps it’s time to sit down and have a chat with Little Me for some clarity?

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Haiku Oracle Challenge, Day 9

Day 9
Who are you

cold night
a flash of lightning
heat waves shimmering

I am The Unexpected

This always kind of floors me because what people find unexpected about me is that I am the same IRL as I am online. I am the same person sitting having a coffee, teaching a class of writers, standing in the supermarket queue or lying on the couch on a Sunday afternoon writing this.

When people say this to me, I’m always perplexed. Isn’t it hard or tiring to be different kinds of people in different situations? To curate different personaes?

. . .

The other side of this is – I truly light up and come alive when I’m newly struck with an idea and full of ‘new idea energy’. Apparently I glow. When I think of who I am, that’s my preferred option. 

I’m also the girl with Mars in opposition to Uranus in her natal chart!

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Haiku Oracle Challenge, Day 8

IDay 8
Advice for letting go

the wild duck
not interested
into the gloom

A wild animal is only concerned in remembering that which boosts its chances of survival. Everything else is inconsequential to its life and not worth remembering.

This suggests that the best way to let go, is to focus on living, in the now. To have no interest in being tied to or imprisoned by the past. It’s a choice where you go and how you go. It’s always better to travel lighter.

To ask: Is this truly important to a better now or a better future or a better me? If not. Leave it behind. It’s not yours to carry any further.

. . .

I have a penchant for burning. I *love* to write lists of things I no longer want to carry in my heart or my head. And once burned I’m pretty clear (or I try to be) that it’s been released, and with it, my release from it. I can be pretty stubborn in that way.

. . .

I have spent the last few months practising zen detachment. It is not always easy to simultaneously care and be unattached. When I’m in the zone, it is an ecstatic sense of freedom that accompanies it.

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Haiku Oracle Challenge, Day 6

Day 6
Create a poem about spring 

it sang itself
in cherry blossoms

I live in the subtropics so we don’t have as defined shifts between seasons as places further south. We tend to have an almost violent and short transition between a very long summer and a quite short winter. Most of our flowering plants begin in late spring and go through summer. Two weeks ago we were sweltering and begging for a reprieve. Now it’s suddenly cold in the morning. Cold at night. So it’s with memories of spring as a kid, and poetic ramblings that I make today’s poem.

. . .

I read yesterday it was officially cherry blossom day in Japan. I didn’t realise that the blossoms last only a short time and that they are both a symbol of the fragility of life, but also of happiness.

 The happiness connection made me laugh, because years ago there was a Japanese restaurant adjacent to the night club I frequented. It was called The Cherry Blossom and had a first floor balcony neon sign that was dodgey-as. I would walk out into the balcony of the nightclub and divine the lay of my emotional landscape from the functioning of the sign. The night I saw it emblazoned in its entirety was a pretty good night!I had come to think the sign didn’t have it in it!

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Haiku Oracle Challenge, Day 5

Day 5

Your Energy Level

the oak tree

feet planted

into the gloom

For now, stoic and steady and grounded. Which is about spot on (also the kind of earth vibe I’m trying to curate!)

That’s ahead of the pending gloom which is the inevitable chaotic crash hormones bring. I’m actually quite relieved that I’ve had a few extra days before the intense emotions and exhaustion descends.

Not being caught out this month. What happens when you get caught out last month and then become vigilant for a few more until you get caught out again!

Interestingly enough, my daily draw was the King of Pentacles (I’ve never drawn him in the Shadowscapes deck pack) who is depicted as an oak tree. Reminding me that my vibe can be both success orientated and generous!

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Haiku Oracle Challenge, Days 3 & 4

Day 3
Your Gift to the World

into the chestnut

it sang itself

into the gloom

At first glance, yet again, not a terribly happy looking one. I have very little experience with the symbology of chestnuts (I ate plenty as a kid because we had a tree on our farm and we’d put them in the open fire in a basket for frying chips and I remember saying they were like a potato, but sweet like desert!) A little poking around on the interwebz turned up chestnuts as symbols of prevention and foresight. Apparently they are little nutrition bombs. With this in mind…

My gift to the world is the ability to share my gifts of foresight and knowledge. Of nourishing those in need. I love the idea of what I do as singing into the gloom – of bringing hope and insight, relief and support, to those who are having a rocky time. You may be one of the people on the other end of a random message from me or someone I’ve been able to open a door for to step into new possibilities. Perhaps you are someone I will do this for in the future. 

The slogan for my tarot business, which will get up and running soon, is ‘First my soul learned to speak, then she yearned to sing’. No accidents. 

I am hoping to work with those who have become stuck on their soul journey or who have fallen into the darker places and would like to see the light again. Those who wish to heal their deepest soul wounds. The ‘deep tissue massage for the soul’ kind of readings.

Day Four

Your biggest challenge

attached to nothing

utterly away

and sleeps awhile

In mid-June 2015, I removed myself from social media completely. It was in part a challenge to see if it was possible. In part it was a deep need in me to own my invisibility (I was mid-Neptune transit at the time) I was only meant to be gone 110 days with my friend, Rus. I ended up being gone for 6 months.

Instagram was my toe dip at the start of 2016. Gradually I’ve added other platforms. But my personal FB account has had nothing posted to it since 2015. I haven’t quite known how to re-engage there–until Sunday.

But to create a new account, shift  people over, and archive the old account/keep it just for very close friends and family – well I would just rather go to sleep and wish it would all take care of itself. It would be awesome to be able to do business without a FB presence!

The other side of this is the challenge of detaching. From old stories. Old hurts. Old cycles of feelings and thinking that keep on coming around. I am getting better. An ancient wound has been healed and released, and I am hoping it will give me some more oomph in living in that zen space of detachment (which when I achieve it, is so lovely and freeing).

Another Perspective

My son is almost 13 and this pack especially intrigues him. He looked over this spread and asked me what the question was about. He then told me it was a challenge to be able to deal with being lonely, being cut off from people. And not being able to sleep properly. Oh, did my heart ache. 

He sees me so clearly. Yes. 

That’s probably my real challenge. I am deeply struggling with loneliness. Of everyone else being busy and having fulfilling lives. Of being left behind. 

It’s a challenge to be okay to feel it when it comes over me like a dark cloud. To not give into despair. To not try and run away from it. To honour it. 

And as a recovering insomniac, sleep is always a challenge.

I can see the two of us both using this deck this month. Or perhaps deferring for a second opinion – when I’m at risk of sugar-coating it all!!

**Challenge hosted by @otmoraclecards**

NB: ‘And sleeps awhile’. Officially being stalked by that card now!!! Third time I’ve pulled it. In case I’d forgotten that sleep is important