#124 Cafe Life

I’m breaking with tradition and posting two photos today because I couldn’t decide between them. The first is a sneak peak at the first draft musings for the Chinese Whisperings’ 2010 prologue.

The second is what I was doing inbetween writing – reading, drinking tea and thinking of Rob with the ’13’ table number. It was a lucky day.

#119 Funnel Tunnels

#119/365, originally uploaded by tigerlily4865.

There was the faint hope of a storm or a cooler change today – but it was lost soon after it was formed.

This was the view out over the neighbours front yard and back towards the city.

Love it when clouds do weird things like this. I’d happily lie on a big blanket in a field and take happy snaps of the morphing and dissolution of the clouds.

Winter Photo Contest Entry

The wonderful Karen Maxwell from Write from Karen is hosting another of her fabulous seasonal photo contests.  This time around it is winter (given she’s in the Northern Hemisphere). She writes:

Show us your favorite winter photograph! But wait, it doesn’t HAVE to be a winter photograph. It can something that represents winter to you in your part of the world. Be creative, be fun – the more original the photo, the better chance you’ll have of winning!

While it seems crazy to be thinking of cold or snow at this time of year in the Southern Hemisphere, I am not deterred.  I have gone back through my photos to find my favourite Winter photo to date.

Every year we travel to the Bunya Mountains to get the ‘cold’ experience, either in late Autumn or sometime in Winter. We snuggle up infront of the wood fire, spend what is usually crisp clear days bushwalking, birdwatching and enjoying coats, scarves, gloves and beanies.

This photo is of my son, Dylan, a few years ago, who without complaint went and sat in the dry, scratchy grass on our favourite knoll where we watch the sunset. We were a bit early this day so we got to fool around with some photos first.

#112 Cutting Grass

#112/365, originally uploaded by tigerlily4865.

Confuscious say – when grass gets too long – get five year old son to trim it with kitchen scissors. It will be good for his soul!

He was actually helping me cut the prickly seed heads from the grass – so I could empty the clippings into the compost when mown. Between us we filled a small plastic shopping bag with the heads.