For Cat.

she sighed and

sat rusted and warped

the only connection

after the dark hole

a film set

her face 



Image: @ksumblrr

Or as a rough draft!


My Heart is a Viking Funeral

you’d wake at her breast
bound to be close by
float and some to a Viking funeral

Sunday, I discovered a new form of poetry. A mash up between found poetry and bibliomancy. This poem is constructed from randomly chosen fragments of three different books. 

Line one comes from Simon Kindt’s No Revelation, two from Tim Winton’s The Turning and three from Amanda Oalmers The Art of Asking

This is just the first taste of what’s to come. 

Image: Ashley Bogacz

Haiku Oracle Challenge, Day 1

Yesterday my haiku oracle deck arrived, just in time to start today on the #haikuoraclechallenge. 

The haiku oracle deck is the work of Kristen of Over The Moon Oracle Cards, who is also the host of this month’s challenge. 

Day One

Focus for the month 

I’m not sure, as a recovering insomniac, when sleep won’t ever be a priority, but it’s indicated here as something to be mindful of. Also sleep’s younger sibling, rest. For me that’s being okay with taking a nap, a lunch break. Time for meditation or a walk. 

The second lines allude to the fact that slow steady progress is preferrable to my insane default pace of flat out. 

Slow and rest are both working concepts I’m getting up close and personal with. I fear losing momentum. But I also fear losing my fragile health. So restful slowness it is in a month where I have so much to get done. 

What else do you see in the poem? If you applied this to your life,what might it signal?

When Poetry Comes to Town

It’s been a great week for giving and receiving poetry, as well as seeing it in its new home environment. 

Earlier this week, Alaina posted a picture of her growing art wall, of which a poem square and postcard poem are part of. 

Tuesday, Adam’s exchange poem arrived. This is the second of Adam’s poems I have. 

And yesterday, my poem arrived at Adam’s and I joked about posing a few of the Lego people with it. In true Adam style, he exceeded himself. 

“Lonely Stormtrooper and Lego Writer Man ponder the subtext of metaphors.”

The thrill of seeing my work in the wild is absolutely on par with seeing my books out there in circulation. But in a slightly different way.