Secret Agent, Poet

Yesterday I talked about ‘live poeming’ while Emily was here Saturday. I took it a step further by taking some sentence fragments from my baggie and placing them in front of her.

Make a poem, I said.

But I don’t write poetry, she said.

Doesn’t matter.

Magic happened next!

I went and found a stash of postcards, then discovered that there was an entirely different stash within the stash. Oh bliss! I know exactly what’s going to be happening with Postcardia for the next month or so.

I didn’t get a photo of Em’s second card (because once begun, one is never enough!)  But you can seek her out on Instagram for her take on Totoro (and much other lovely stuff!).

And next time, a creative opportunity – that isn’t really your cup of tea – presents, dive in. You never know what you might find.

Enter the Metallics

Wandering through the Roma Street Parklands in late July, under a glorious winter sun, a friend and I tossed around different ideas for the execution of the zentangles I had started to do. That was the start of the metallics series.

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There are 12 poems in the series. The above montage is a selection of them. Those still available are up on Poetry Squared page. They’re all $15, plus postage.

What can I say about the series? I’m not sure that there’s much of a common theme running through them. That is something to perhaps mine in coming series? I think there are fewer poems about art and creativity than has been seen in other series, perhaps a few more about love?

The Metallics ends, for now, zentangle poems, as I stretch my wings and source new pairings for my poems. I’ve made some exciting contacts on Instagram and hoping something may come of these new connections.

The good news is: books have started to come my way with the express purpose of becoming poetry (thank you to my poetic co-conspirators). In January I’ll begin a series based on Kelly Link’s Get into Trouble. Once I’ve sourced another copy of Jeanette Winterson’s Written on the Body, I’ll commence that series as well.

I’m excited to delve into new realms. And as always, looking forward to what’s going to happen with the 2017 Post It Note Poetry month.

If you would like a commission (or discuss the possibility of a commission) for yourself or someone else, get in contact with me in the form below.

All I Want For Christmas…

It’s an awesome state of festive affairs when I get to spruik the work of friends at Christmas time. Supporting the work of indie creators is Yuletide blessings running in both directions, but if you are reading this blog, undoubtedly you are already aligned with that way of thinking.

Zen and the Art of Words

Adam and I are always adventuring creatively.

Earlier this year I pointed Adam in the direction of Kat Apel’s poems that combined block out poetry with zentangle art. He took to the hybrid form like a fish to water (or a pre-school kid to textas!).

Adam’s turned a selection of his poems into postcards and tote bags. Postcards start at $8 for the collection of six, and there’s an awesome bundle of cards and bags for $25. You can purchase them HERE.

A Ray of Christmas Light

img_0304I’m a fan of Rus VanWestervelt. Not simply as a writer and creative advocate, or because of the work he does inspiring young minds and compassion in dark moments – I am a fan of Rus because he’s a Good Human. He is Light and Grace in motion.

Makes it easy to point to his Christmas collection.

Bundled together are four short stories — including the novelette Gretchie’s Gifts — and a selection of blog posts. The collection is free to download, just go HERE, with the option to donate to the The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Rus’s home town.

PoetrySquared Launched at Etsy

In January, I wondered if it would be possible to make my poem squares on demand. Post It Note Poetry became boot camp, giving me the space to build a poem a day under quasi-commission parameters. It was a huge success. In some cases there were spooky references to things I couldn’t possibly have known about. At the end of February it was clear it was possible for me to buil poems on demand.

Then I got sick. Plans came to a halt. I kept building poems for birthday presents. Then I began to pair them with the zentangles I was drawing as part of my sleep therapy.

Late July, I took a grand leap of faith and posted a poem on Twitter with ‘for sale’ attached to it. It went. Quickly. To one of my favourite Brisbane poets. Since then I’ve sold half of the poems I’ve posted to Twitter and Instagram.

Welcome to the Stage Poetry2

Today, with Venus (Art and Beauty) beginning her transit of my Neptune-Mercury conjunction (Poetry), I’m ecstatic to point you all in the direct of Poetry2 at Etsy. There are 17 poems there at the moment: 10 of the remaining poems from February; five from the Turquoise Series;  two from the unfinished Orange Series.

The squares are approximately 9cm2 and range in price from $13-$15.
I also do custom builds. They begin at $20. If you’re interested in commissioning a poem you can contact me through the Etsy email system. It’s as simple as picking one of my source book, some page numbers and preferred colours for the background.

Many thanks to Rob who gifted me the shop name (he’s so much better at that stuff than I am) and to Adam who continues to be a most wonderful writing partner/creative co-conspirator.

Back in the Poetic Saddle

I’m back from the family holiday in New Zealand and I’ve been aching to get back into building poetry. The weekend just gone was my first back at my desk to do this in a long time. 

As always it starts with a present for a friend and then spirals outward. This time it was an array of poems on zentangles and then surprisingly, some new paper I had come across.

In the next fortnight there will be new poems to share and hopefully some for sale. 

A List of Alphabetical Advice 


 “If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it.”
Marcus Aurelius

Emily Craven gifted me the little Typo journal above for Christmas in 2013. We have been writing in it every day since January 2014, responding to the journal prompts and the other prompts we’ve added to avoid the repetition of prompts like: ________ is a total babe.

Instagram and Twitter chronicle our our daily adventures and sometimes we’re lucky to have someone play along at home. We’ve been blessed this year to have Typo’s social media person on board with us.


August has a cluster of prompts (brain child of Em) to create an alphabetical list of advice. Rob Cook joined  and it was one of the most interactive and fun set of prompts we’ve done. I missed out on writing them last year (it was the precursor to The Churn) so I’m looking forward to next year when I’ll be able to do a compare and contrast.

For now, advice a la 2016.

Always be your most authentic self.

Behave with kindness and integrity.

Care of yourself IS a priority.

Devote time, energy and focus to the pursuits you love.

Evolve. Evolve-evolve-evolve.

Focus on the present; nothing can be done about the past and the future takes care of itself.

Go after your dreams; passion is your ally.

Hope keeps the glass half-full.

Innovate. Innovate-innovate-innovate.

Judge no-one, especially yourself.

Keep the faith, especially when despair threatens to swallow you.

Listen to your favourite songs in the shower.

Meditate. Appreciate. Invigorate.

Never give up. It you can’t be your own cheer squad let your friends shake the pompoms for you.

Open to adventure, curiosity and absurdity.

Perfection is only found in imperfection.

Quiet time is essential – however or wherever you find it.

Rest. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Bodies get old and tired.

Sing. Loudly. Offkey. For your own pleasure. Because you can.

Time travel will enrich your life.

Utilise your inherent skills and talents. This is how dreams bloom.

Voraciousness is not a sin. Celebrate your hungers.

Wing it. Sometimes the best plans, best ideas come together in motion.

X marks the spot. Know where your inner treasure is buried.

You are both your best friend and worst enemy. Choose wisely.

Zebras; because sometimes its good to be black and white.

If you were to collect your advice for life in an A-Z, how would it read?