#pinpsaturday #1


The black space within

is no longer a vacuum

since I learned to love me,


Reborn as a wild vortex 

of infinite and perpetual


and me rising as

the creative provocateur.

This week’s prompt: The Magician. I’ve chosen The Magician from the Mary-El deck. 

#pinp17 update

Please note the full gallery of #pinp17 images is on its way. I was struck down with a rotten head cold this week and have been too sick to leave the house to get the cards scanned. Thank you for your patience. 

Post It Note Poetry Saturdays 

On the back of this year’s successful Post-It Note Poetry challenge, and the passion and commitment with which it was embraced by the tarot community on Instagram, I’ve created a new weekly challenge: Post It Note Poetry Saturdays or simply #pinpsaturday


It’s easy to participate, especially if you are a seasoned Post It Note poet. In essence it is a weekly mix of micro poetry and divine inspiration. If you know nothing about tarot, much less own a deck, I’ll be posting the card I’m using each week, and invite you to use it as your poetic catalyst.

1. Choose a tarot card based on the weekly prompt. (This week is is The Magician)

2. Write a poem on a post it note.

3. Photograph the poem and card.

4. Post the photograph to Instagram on Saturday with #pinpsaturday.

Smooth and easy! Looking forward to seeing your poems over the weekend. 

Take 7 with Dave Versace

I was interviewed by Dave Versace about Elyora last week. It includes some probing questions about title changes and circuitous routes to publication – and music.

Gotta love unexpected questions about music. Especially when you have the correct answer (And She Was!) 

The full interview is here

Thank you to Dave who has been an avid supporter of my work, both as a reader and a fellow author, for many years. Dave’s original review of River of Bones is here. His in-person review of Piper’s Reach will remain between us. Congratulations are also in order for the shortlisting of Dave’s story, Lighthouse At Cape Defeat, in the 2016 Aurealis Awards. 

On The Eve of March

Not only am I looking forward to officially embracing Autumn and some cooler weather tomorrow, and celebrating the end of Summer and #pinp17, tonight I’m preparing for #createthisoracledeck – a challenge organised by Kristin at Over The Moon Oracle Cards. 

I stumbled across a mention of the challenge on Instagram at the end of last week. But when I went looking again couldn’t remember where I had seen it. A quick search turned up nothing. So I decided that if I was meant to participate it would be smooth and easy (my mantra for the Year of the Phoenix!)

This meant two things:

1. The details of the challenge would flow into my IG stream without me going searching for them, and 

2. I would easily and cheaply procure cardstock. 

Five minutes after setting those parameters out in my journal – an IG reply elicited the required information about the challenge and a trip to Officeworks, soon after, turned up blank index cards. 

So from tomorrow, I’ll be making an oracle card a day, based on OTM’s prompts. The plan is to mix chalk pastels and water colour pencils with words card from the borked edition of Elyora. 

I’m looking forward to making something, just for me. 

Post It Note Poetry, Finale

My computer and phone have been unable to sort out their syncing issues and I’ve therefore lost photos from my phone as well as being unable to download old photos to my computer. Thus the dearth of #pinp17 pics in the last fortnight. If you’ve been following on Instagram or Twitter you’ll have seen the second half unfold, including references to a sex tape, astral travel and cannibalism. 

Good news is, I’ll have the second half professionally scanned tomorrow and I’ll be putting the entire ‘Get In Trouble’ series up in a dedicated gallery. There are 30 in total. 

I’ve got additional good news pending with the postcard poems. I’ll share once I’ve finished ironing out the details, but suffice to say, I am very close. It’s exciting to see a vision find flesh and bones. 

Until then, the curtain closer for the month, which could quite easily have been the curtain raiser (every poem has this poem at its heart!!)