Post-It Note Poetry

Initially a dare between Adam Byatt and myself to spend 28 days writing bad poetry, #postitnotepoetry blossomed into a month of something accidentally brilliant and beautiful.

Day Twenty-Eight

20130228-195752.jpgwith bonus end of the month poem/Thursday poem

20130228-200019.jpgDay Twenty-Seven

oublierDay Twenty-Six

ELsPOEMIn homage to Ella-Louise, Jude and Post-Marked: Piper’s Reach

Day Twenty-Five

wetweatherDay Twenty-Four



drives me mad

Day Twenty-One


Bonus Thursday Poem (previously unpublished on the blog)

Day Twenty

dressDay Nineteen

paisleyDay Eighteen


Day Seventeen


Day Sixteen


Day Fifteen

The day accidentally given over to the solage form of poetry (the link has all the other solages written across the day from members of the Post-It Note Poetry group).


Day Fourteen

With bonus poems for Valentines Day!

2013-02-13 09.17.15 valentines

Day Thirteen

halfwayhomeless weave of sorrow

Day Twelveinops

Day Eleven

2013-02-10 14.43.14

Day Ten

2013-02-09 13.17.07The day the Facebook exploded – from 12 members to 41!

Day Nine


Day Eight


Day Seven


Day Six

day6postitnotepoetryWoke this morning to find Maria Kelly having a crack!

Day Five

2013-02-05 09.21.09

Day Four

20130204-123746.jpgAnother break from haiku… more a stream of consciousness micro poem that hopefully says lots in all the spaces between the words.

Day Three

photoGratefully this is NOT a rage poem. I imagined the razors more as the sound of the mower on a Sunday morning slicing through the quiet, rather than slashing at the long grass.

More people joining in today on the #postitnotepoetry hashtag and more intending to join tomorrow which is fabulous. There is nothing like permission to do something regardless of your skill level of the expectation of quality outcomes. At the end of the day, passion and the willingness to have a go is all that counts.

Lisa Leo joined us today, along with Holly Kench  and Sean Wright.

Day Two

2013-02-02 18.03.31

Inspired by the most recent letters from Post Marked: Piper’s Reach and today, by a comment left by Barb Schmidt on Facebook about how she loved the shredded paper at the top of the page I was going to write on. It’s not haiku today – words arrived and I let them inhabit the page in their native form. Photo nod in Adam’s direction… decided to try and do something a little artistic.

Also see poetry by Adam Byatt S.G Larner and Dee Hamwood.

Day One

IMG_2682When the storm broke on Monday and the first slithers of blue sky broke through it looked like an ever expanding quilt. I held onto the image throughout the week in anticipation of starting the month of poetry today – even if my efforts don’t come close to articulating the beauty and relief of the moment.

Also see poetry from Adam Byatt.

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