Day One #nanowrimo

— 30 t-shirts, 50 000 words, 30 days —

Words for the day: 5163 (across four sessions)
T-shirt: Little Red Riding Hood
Best song vibe: “Obsession” Animotion (1985)
Dares: first of Adam’s dares incorporated (the second brainstormed awaiting the slot in the narrative for it)

Today’s goal was to crack the 5,000 mark. In doing so I’ve effectively written for the 23rd and 24th of the month (my 40th birthday party and recovery). This is also the first time I’ve been this far ahead at the beginning. I laugh when the NaNo stats tell me at this rate I’ll be done by the 10th. Ha! If only every day had this many free hours in it to devote to writing.

First writing session was at midnight and I wrote almost 1800 words. Second was at 8:30am this morning, third at 2pm to coincide with the east coast of the US clicking over to the 1st (and my writing bud Rus starting his novel ‘Fossil Five’) and the last one this evening. Even though I only needed 800 words to get there, they were the hardest words of the day. Gratefully the dark, weird shit has started to creep in.

Tomorrow I get to write Tabitha’s first trip to Dalhousie. I get to rework the ditched email from the short story. Fun.

I’ll leave you with a little of what poured out today (some tiny gems amongst the VERY rough)


“So remind me why you didn’t apply for the residency. The one tailored for people who don’t have the time to go on one?”

Tabitha felt the smooth band of her wedding ring under her thumb as she ran if over it, and the sharper edges of the clasps holding the diamond of her engagement ring.

“It’s good with Christian. I… it’s just not a good time.”

“Hun, you aren’t making any sense.”

“Remember Joel.”

“How does this have anything to do with that creep.”

“He wasn’t a creep. Well, he wasn’t in the beginning.” Tabitha cleared her throat and started again. “Remember how things were really awesome with him and then you and I went away for a month to the UK and when I came back—”

“We were twenty. And he was a prick. What are you doing with Christian Tabby if it’s not about what didn’t happen at high school.”

“Finding myself again,” Tabitha said, staring her friend in the eye, believing every word.

“You don’t find yourself in a man. That’s how you got lost in the first place.” Mish looked at her watch and stood.  “If you’re not happy, leave Robert. Make a clean break.”

Why didn’t you tell me all those years ago that you hated Robert. I’d have listened. I think I would have.

“You can’t tell anyone about Christian, Mish. Promise me.”

“And who am I going to tell between now and when I get on my plane in 45 minutes.”

“I’m serious Mish, say you won’t tell anyone else. No one.”

Mish walked around the table and hugged her best friend tight. “Only if you promise me you’ll be careful.”

The only way she was going to be careful was to give up Christian and she couldn’t do that.

She hugged Mish hard. “I’ll tell Christian you said hi.”

“Sure,” Mish said collecting up her brief case. She kissed Tabitha on the cheek. “Love you,” the words were soft but the look that came with them was hard.

“Love you too.”

Tabitha watched Mish disappear down the concourse wheeling the small suitcase behind her, wishing she had the time to sit in the departures lounge until the call came for Mish to board. Wishing it hadn’t been so. Complicated. She wanted Mish to be as happy as she was.