2010 Business Plan

This year I’ve fleshed out my plan a little more than dot points (as I did last year). I wrote it almost two weeks ago and already freaking out about a couple of things… but that’s cool.

It is the Year of the White Tiger and I’ve dubbed it my ‘Year of Adventure’ as I seek to push boundaries and really explore what it means to be ‘adventurous’.

Without further ado – my 2010 Business Plan


Write something every day

  • One writing exercise a day.
  • Building up to writing three pages/1000 words a day

First draft of novel by July (80,000 – 100,000 words)

Second draft of novella by October (20,000)

Fiction Friday/Friday Flash minimum of twice a month

  • Dirk Hartog series
  • Adam and Eve series

Submit something for publication every month

  • One submission each  to The Island, Overlander, Meanjin and Griffith Review this year.

National Novel Writing Month (50,000)

Develop and run a creative writing course for school aged kids.

Be open to paid writing opportunities.


Beta reader

  • Up to four a month
  • 48 hour turn around

Edit/rewrite two stories a month.

Be open to paid editing opportunities.


Write Anything column – Monday

Write six guest columns

365 Photo Challenge

Two blog posts a week for Writing in Black and White

Read and comment on minimum of one blog a day/6 days a week.


Read three books a month (or a minimum of 900 pages)

  • Make a to-read list
  • Minimum of six from 1001 books list
  • The Name of the Rose & Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
  • Keep a ‘have read’ list

A short story a day, for a year

Professional Development

Writing Festivals

  • Emerging Writers Festival 21st- 30th May
  • Byron Bay Writers Festival
  • Brisbane Writers Festival


  • Festival adjunct?
  • Annie’s course
  • The Artist’s Way/Vein of Gold

Writing blogs

  • One new RSS for a writing blog per month


  • Renew QWC membership
  • AWM Online membership

Extra Curricular Fun

Watch one movie a week

Dancing classes

Life drawing


Extra Stuff

One day away from the computer a week.

One week of reading deprivation a year

Computer off by 8:30pm four nights a week.


Attend QWC talks/seminars/book launches


Editors Unleashed Forum


Chinese Whisperings

  • 2010 ‘Yin and Yang’ anthology, for release 10/10/10
  • 2009 ‘The Red Book’ anthology, for paperback release 17/03/2010
  • Photographic project
  • Short film project

eMergent Publishing

  • Register company etc
  • Beta version of platform by October

Reclaim Sex After Birth

  • Revise and extend eBook
  • Renovate website
  • Monthly workshops/discussion groups
  • Every second month newsletter
  • One new blog post every month

E-Publishing Opportunities

  • Kerry and Jane?

Captain Juan

  • renovate the site
  • one new installment a month

Image: Tiger Folk Art Exhibition at Gallery I, Insa-dong via Korea.net