Day 1 #pinp18

I’m running s bit behind. The eclipse, Wednesday night, threw me a bit of a curve ball and it’s taken a day or so to settle.

As mentioned in the #pinp18 announcement earlier this week, I’m doing an analogue process with a digital output.

I’m cutting up Calvino’s Invisible Cities, building the poem that way, and then using Phonto with the fractal images I’ve been creating (oh hell, they are incredibly addictive and hypnotic to create and explore) to make the digital poem. I have, so far, enjoyed this intersection of the two.

What I’m particularly enjoying playing with is the ability to easily subtract or add a single word.

Above is ‘Crucible of Man’ and below ‘Starry Starry night’.

22 Drive Me Mad #postitnotepoetry

drives me mad

It is with wry amusement I watch certain aspects of the city grind to a halt when it rains…even the Internet runs slower in wet weather (when I lived in the country in the last 1990’s it would actually clap out altogether).

The author brain starts to stew ideas for how rain could totally disable a city–permanently. Not flood a city, but the act of raining. But that’s for another adventure another day.

Inspired in part by the very slow drive to school on Tuesday morning and Rob Cook’s crooked post it note narrative from the same day about certain kings of England.