Haiku Oracle Challenge, Day 6

Day 6
Create a poem about spring 

it sang itself
in cherry blossoms

I live in the subtropics so we don’t have as defined shifts between seasons as places further south. We tend to have an almost violent and short transition between a very long summer and a quite short winter. Most of our flowering plants begin in late spring and go through summer. Two weeks ago we were sweltering and begging for a reprieve. Now it’s suddenly cold in the morning. Cold at night. So it’s with memories of spring as a kid, and poetic ramblings that I make today’s poem.

. . .

I read yesterday it was officially cherry blossom day in Japan. I didn’t realise that the blossoms last only a short time and that they are both a symbol of the fragility of life, but also of happiness.

 The happiness connection made me laugh, because years ago there was a Japanese restaurant adjacent to the night club I frequented. It was called The Cherry Blossom and had a first floor balcony neon sign that was dodgey-as. I would walk out into the balcony of the nightclub and divine the lay of my emotional landscape from the functioning of the sign. The night I saw it emblazoned in its entirety was a pretty good night!I had come to think the sign didn’t have it in it!

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