Fill The Empty Crate of Vinyl

p.22/365 | vinyl.

When I decided one of the locations for The 20 Year High School Reunion in Post Marked: Piper’s Reach–The Old McCracken Place–I immediately saw a record player and a stack of old vinyl there. An accumulation of more than 50 years service as a holiday home.

Music plays a major role influencing the narrative, as well as featuring in the letters. The reunion of Ella-Louise and Jude after twenty odd years was going to pivotal to the narrative. There needed to be a soundtrack attached to the house and to their meeting.

My intention had been to open up a crowd-sourcing style opportunity to the fans and readers (and generally anyone who wanted to throw something into the mix) to create the collection of vinyl in the beach house and then use that to influence what happened across the weekend.

But, it didn’t quite happened. Partly because I didn’t get motivated to launch it. Partly because “what happened at the reunion” fell to Adam and not me.

Now I’m faced with the need for those albums and I don’t want to rely solely on my ideas, or Adam’s ideas. As I discovered with ELYORA the richest ideas come from beyond.

This morning I opened it up on Facebook, for friends to suggest several albums that may have collected over half a century of service? And for a change, I’m opening it up here on my blog as an adjunct to the stream of suggestions coming in on Facebook.

Your suggestions will shape the soundtrack of the Sunday afternoon Ella-Louise and Jude spent in the house together (if you want to know what they got up to the night of the reunion I suggest you read the first, second, third and fourth letters of Season 2). Your suggestions will also influence the direction of several of Ella-Louise’s letters in early November.

I’ll start the suggestions with my two albums: Hendrix’s “Electric Ladyland” and The Stone’s “Exile on Main Street”.

Step up and drop your vinyl in the empty crate.

Image: Ryan Anthony Martin via Flickr