Dead Red Heart Reviewed in Black Static

All 33 of the stories in Dead Red Heart are mentioned in an epic review in Black Static  (UK). It was with trepidation I scrolled through the review to see what was said about Kissed by the Sun.

‘Kissed by the Sun’ by Jodi Cleghorn sees a vampire trying to escape her maker by soliciting help from the brother of one of her victims, but she underestimates his desire for revenge, the story touching on how obsession can blossom like a weed and consume all that is good in a person. Alongside this is a plot strand about a vampire’s attempt to become a Day Walker through ingesting sun kissed blood.

It’s kinda cool to see someone else’s take on the story, especially when I remember having conversations with Jason Coggins about this during the beta reading process and him pointing out the story really was about the master/slave relationship and Anke’s desperation to escape it.

Sixteen of the stories in the anthology made Ellen Datlow’s Honourable Mentions for 2011 list. Not mine–but I’m really just a beginner and looking forward to working towards my first honourable mention.