Deck the Halls Roll Call

Here ye, oh hear ye! Let it be known that nineteen intrepid writers of all ilks stuck their hands up, snaffled a prompt and proceded to get rather excited about ‘Deck the Halls’.

Without further ado… let me unfurl the roll. We have:

And while this seems rather blithe… I can tell you, having already seen one story, the fun and laughter will probably stop here (though please, someone write an outrageously funny Christmas story… or two!)

My partner Dave says I always get this crazy twinkle in my eye at the start of a project… and let me tell you, it’s not just the Christmas tinsel glittering at our place tonight. So, thank-you everyone who threw their lot in with me. Congratulations on being part of my first mixed tape and first project of any type outside of eMergent Publishing and Chinese Whisperings. I’m really looking forward to this, epecially hanging with some brand new faces.

To those who missed out… you get first dibs on the next mixed tape!

For the readers… you will not have to endure false Christmas sentiments and bad TV carols this Christmas Eve.

More wonderful images via Modish.