#8 Duyfken


It’s a rare day that Dave and I can bid farewell to Dylan and set off to have quality adult time together.  We started the morning with breakfast at The Boardwalk Cafe, then out onto the Marina to go aboard the Dutch Replica Duyfken – part curiousity, part fact finding for the Captain Juan, part – well because we could. The Duyfken was a scout ship for the East India Company and as the first European ship to chart the Australian coast line.

It was fascinating – they have lots of artefacts of the time, including cannon balls and sling shots for their falconers and the smell of the wood was amazing (treated with bee’s wax, turps and tar) Plus for the $5 entry fee we were given a guided tour which included answering of all my slightly bizarre questions and got to go right down into the bowels of the ship.

I now have a very interesting narrative arc for Captain Juan and why the La G may have been in A Coruna at the start of the story being outfitted!