#112 Cutting Grass

#112/365, originally uploaded by tigerlily4865.

Confuscious say – when grass gets too long – get five year old son to trim it with kitchen scissors. It will be good for his soul!

He was actually helping me cut the prickly seed heads from the grass – so I could empty the clippings into the compost when mown. Between us we filled a small plastic shopping bag with the heads.

#111 Night Sushi and Movies

#111/365, originally uploaded by tigerlily4865.

Dylan and I went out tonight night – his first time at a proper sushi restaurant in years. He was ascinated by the train going around with the food on the back. And the bonus – I actually got him to eat some sushi after months of him choosing to be a picky eater.

This photo doesn’t do justice to the fact we were at sushi and her loved it given Dylan is eating striped jelly in this pic.

As for the movies – we went to see ‘Old Dogs’ and Dylan was excited to be going to the movies at night – his first time ever.

#37 Good Morning


Getting up earlier than everyone else in our house means one thing – lots of cuddles when Dylan gets up.  This is us squashed up at my desk having snuggles as Dylan blinks awake. And to prove I don’t take myself too seriously – here is a less than salubrious photo of moi! At least I’m showered and out of mh PJs.

#36 Poppy Time


One of the things I loved most about being a Mum is seeing my Dad and Dylan together.  It gives me the burst in the chest sort of feeling.  And Dylan loves his Poppy – he’s the next best thing since sliced bread in Dylan’s books.  Almost better than Ben 10!  Here we see them at Vangelis in Ascot doing Veritech puzzles together. We stopped off for lunch on the way to the airport.

Dylan’s already planning his next lot of adventures with his Poppy in December.

Dylan on Fourth Fiction

I can’t help myself but post this here.  Dylan was invited to be a guest on the Fourth Fiction elimination video for Round Six. Despite huge time differences, the fact I’ve never shot any footage before, or edited it together and a very very slow internet connection we managed to pull it off.  And they say never work with children … they must mean those temperamental Hollywood types!