21 Melody of Tomatoes #postitnotepoetry

tomatoesToday’s poem came from a few different sources and is dedicated to Adam Byatt…who kicked off the cogs with this Tweet earlier today: @PeevishPenman I let ideas compost, waiting for the tomato plants to grow so I can turn the soil. Or I experiment with other forms.

It made me think how we there would be worse things to aspire to, than the tenacity of a tomato plant.

Several years ago we had organic yellow cherry tomatoes sprout through our paving. Not only did they survive, they managed to cover half the patio – because we were intrigued to see just how far they would go.

And these were the the great-great grandsons and daughters of tomatoes consciously planted in the garden seasons earlier!

This year I gathered the wild tomatoes up and planted them in a huge pot on the verandah to stop them going quite so wild. In my heart, I couldn’t just pull them up and toss them.

The title was inspired by another of my very mild superpowers…the misreading of signs and packaging. Any guesses what the original packaging on the tomatoes said?


#112 Cutting Grass

#112/365, originally uploaded by tigerlily4865.

Confuscious say – when grass gets too long – get five year old son to trim it with kitchen scissors. It will be good for his soul!

He was actually helping me cut the prickly seed heads from the grass – so I could empty the clippings into the compost when mown. Between us we filled a small plastic shopping bag with the heads.