#80 Griffith Review Xmas Party

I got an invite along to The Griffith Review’s Christmas Party at Avid Reader in West End tonight by my wonderful friend and mentor (funny how that word seems to be creeping in quite a lot when I write of Edwina!) Edwina Shaw had been invited to read her story The Raft (an extract from her forthcoming novel Thrill Seekers.)

It was just the sort of outting I needed to blow of the Fourth Fiction Merde/Head Fuck which has infected the past twenty-four hours. Not to be out-done though… you’ll notice I managed to get ticket C14 (the 14th being the date Constantine will give his interview with Cyrus Webb). The upshot, got to drink free wine, meet Edwina’s family, hear her do a reading AND I won a free calendar (made me think of you Ben – it is a 3CR calendar from Melbourne!) Loved carrying a bare-breasted Ned Kelly up through the main street of West End and up Melbourne Street to the bus stop.

Fiction Friday Hiatus

books on mobileIt has been more than six weeks since I participated in Write Anything’s Fiction Friday.  It has been an unofficial break to date – with my son’s birthday party cutting in the first week, a trip to the Bunya’s the second, a prompt I couldn’t make work the third, then two weeks away on holidays.

The break has made me realise I need to take an official break from writing new fiction and concentrate on the overfollowing folders of old work which needs revising, editing, critiquing and writing.

All of a sudden I seem to have a bee in my bonnet about getting some work published.

It seems as if the start of the year was about starting and the end of the year is about finishing.  There seems to be a balance in it.

The Griffith review is publishing a special summer edition of fiction this year. The deadline is the 5th August and the premise is to show something new about ourselves beyond the political and market rhetoric.

The My Sandals story (which I’m thinking of retitling something like “Perspectives from the Sand” or “Perspectives of Sand”) is a potential starter. It was entered it in  EditorUnleashed/Smash Words flash fiction competition with no luck – but I think it is suitable for the Griffith Review. The hard message beneath the veneer tells us we’re often wrong as parents and subject our children to pain and anguish in our quest to keep them safe. I just need to check the word count for GR.

I’m also working on the fourth and final section of Graceville. I had considered putting it up for critting for my QWC course but the time frames don’t merge in a good way. So will ask some friends to look over it for comment and submit it as well. I”m aware it is a highly experimental piece and may not be to everyone’s liking. And thus – need to find something of an ‘alternate’ publishing outlet for it.

Once those have been submitted – I’ll be looking at rewriting Light Years and also the unnamed long short story which I guess I should just refer to as Lea and Jude’s story for ease of mention.

I have the fun of putting up the Fiction Friday prompts in August – meaning I will possibly return to writing some Fiction Friday entries in September or October – or earlier… if the back log of rewriting and editing goes faster than expected.

I’ll be back later on with some ideas on the Blog-a-thon and Hartog.

Image from  Blog @lla tua biblioteca