Haiku Oracle Challenge, Day 11

Day 11
A poem for the full moon

a horse peeing
on a cool wall
a flash of lightning

If I want the breakthrough I’m desperate for – I have to let it all go. As awkward as it might feel to execute, this is the only way forward.

Challenge hosted by @otmoraclecards. For anyone wanting to purchase Kristen’s haiku oracle cards, they can be found here.

Haiku Oracle Challenge, Day 10

Day 10
From your inner child 

autumn moonlight
heat waves shimmering 
still not a butterfly

I have to say that this hasn’t made me feel better with time and reflection. The final line floors me. Still not a butterfly. For all that I’ve done, seen, explored, experimented with, felt, dreamed… whatever it was I yearned for as a child, I haven’t got there yet.

But what did I want as a child?

Perhaps it’s time to sit down and have a chat with Little Me for some clarity?

Challenge hosted by @otmoraclecards