19 Sixty-Seven Yards #postitnotepoetry

paisleyMy friend, and ardent supporter of my writing, Susan Talbot gave me these gorgeous post it notes at school pick up yesterday. The first thing I thought was paisley and all the ways I could describe paisley print without coming out and saying it. I wanted to write something light-hearted and silly, but as is my want, it didn’t quite come out that way. At a push it’s whimsical.

I worked on this while waiting for my writing date this morning with Rob Cook… and couldn’t believe an hour passed in crafting these few words. Tip of that hat to Sean Wright for introducing the cinquain form. There is something to be said for working between strict boundaries.

There are bonus points, or a chance to offer up a topic for a poem before the end of the month, to anyone who can decipher the title.