Postcardia-cum-Poetica #105

Nakamura Utaemon III as the widow Sadaka and Nakamura Matsue III as her daughter Hindori by Shunkōsai Hokushū (1821) with words from If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler.


Postcardia-cum-Poetica #101

Midnight. Trent Parke by himself. Menindee, Australia (2003) with words from Invisible Cities.

And just to prove the awesome beauty of serendipitous random draws… here are the fragments as they came out the bag.

Postcardia-cum-Poetica #97

I forgot to note down the photographer and the attributes of the image because I didn’t log them here immediately. All I remember is that it is of a plague of fruit bats in Australia! Words are from Invisible Cities.

Postcardia-cum-Poetica #92

Image is Philippe Halsman’s Dali Atomicus (1948) paired with words from If On A Winter’s Night a Traveler.

Postcardia-cum-Poetica #91

Image is Ichikawa Monnosuke III as the Geisha Otsuma of Miroku-chō (1822) by Utagawa Kunisada with words from If On A Winter’s Night A Traveler, with a liberal dose of winter afternoon sun from the balcony.

What I love about this is I drew half a dozen small fragments from a bag and the poem built itself, in chronological order, as I turned each snippet over.

Postcardia-cum-Poetica #89

Jonas Bendiksen’s 2000 photo of villagers collecting scrap from a crashed spacecraft surrounded by thousands of white butterflies in Altai Territory, Russia. Words from Calvino’s Invisible Cities.

Postcardia-cum-Poetica #88

The last days of the Concorde, Heathrow Airport (October 2003) by Peter Marlow. Words from Calvino’s Invisible Cities.