A Short News Update

Crescent moon Wallpaper - Download The Free Crescent moon WallpaperOutside the moon reclines in a starless sky. Inside here it is anything but laid back. GenreCon is only a few days away and suddenly everything has got not just a little bit busy, but quite a bit serious and very busy.

Aside from the usual rounds to the hairdresser and beautician, there’s actual work to be done.

I’m chairing my first ever panel on Sunday afternoon (Beyond the Cover) with Narrelle Harris, Sue Wright (Tiny Owl Workshop) and Kevin Powe. If you are at the Con and looking to explore narratives beyond books, with three people who know their stuff, we’re on at 2:30. I’m forcing myself to forget that I have seen panels destroyed by an inept chair or an overly intrusive one so as not to freak myself out. I keep telling myself it will be ‘all right on the night’.

And now there is something to out trump the pending panel chair freak out.

Adam and I have secured a pitching session for Post Marked: Piper’s Reach with Hachette’s commissioning editor Robert Watkins on Saturday morning. The pitch is written and half learned thanks to a burst of inspiration yesterday and Monday. My nerves are all over the place though. I’m grateful for all the experience public speaking and debating at high school empowered me with. And I remember that I managed to wow an audience at the First Year Psychology debate with a speech I wrote and prepared in three days when I was a last minute replacement.

It is a little crazy to think Adam and I are here, with Piper’s Reach, ready to find a home, at just the right time. That the humble quirky side project that found legs (outside of a bunch of handwritten letters) and hearts has a chance of finding many more in the big wide world.

And in amongst all of this, (and the homeschool lessons) there have been words. New words mostly in the school holidays and revised words since school started back this week. But… I have almost strung together 21 mornings at my desk, with my head stuck in writing. I am pretty sure this is a first and getting pretty close to now being a habit! I believe I only missed three days total last month.

When the whirlwind that is GenreCon is over, I’ll be back with more news and hopefully regular blog posts as I begin the process of re-purposing three years of blogging with Write Anything.