#40 KOP


31st of October and the closest I’m going to get to Hallowe’en is the pumpkin on my NaNo pass from the Kick of Party today (I’m making a conscious effort to bouycott the American buy in and instead raise a glass of Wiccan brew to celebrate Belatane instead).  The pass comes with some useful information inside including a calendar of November with all the write in listed for the Brisbane/Gold Coast area. It was also an excellent icebreaker and a way to remember peoples’ names.

I really enjoyed myself at the KOP this year. Last year I was just overwhelmed to be among so many strange faces – and so many young faces at that. I felt ancient. This year I didn’t feel a whole lot younger -but I found some awesome people to talk to – thanks Kegan and Lenny. I left before I had to stand up and share what my story is about. Not because I didn’t want to stand on the seat and share – but because I was mindful I was out by the good grace of my family and November is a LONG month for all of us.

So it’s the night before the big event. Last sunset before the madness. Last meal. Last sleep. Hopefully though not the final blog entry.