Enter the Metallics

Wandering through the Roma Street Parklands in late July, under a glorious winter sun, a friend and I tossed around different ideas for the execution of the zentangles I had started to do. That was the start of the metallics series.

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There are 12 poems in the series. The above montage is a selection of them. Those still available are up on Poetry Squared page. They’re all $15, plus postage.

What can I say about the series? I’m not sure that there’s much of a common theme running through them. That is something to perhaps mine in coming series? I think there are fewer poems about art and creativity than has been seen in other series, perhaps a few more about love?

The Metallics ends, for now, zentangle poems, as I stretch my wings and source new pairings for my poems. I’ve made some exciting contacts on Instagram and hoping something may come of these new connections.

The good news is: books have started to come my way with the express purpose of becoming poetry (thank you to my poetic co-conspirators). In January I’ll begin a series based on Kelly Link’s Get into Trouble. Once I’ve sourced another copy of Jeanette Winterson’s Written on the Body, I’ll commence that series as well.

I’m excited to delve into new realms. And as always, looking forward to what’s going to happen with the 2017 Post It Note Poetry month.

If you would like a commission (or discuss the possibility of a commission) for yourself or someone else, get in contact with me in the form below.