Post-It Note Poetry, Days 1 & 2

I haven’t quite had the dedicated time I had been hoping for since the start of February. But I’ve kept up – both with the art and the poetry. Today I’ve got time set aside to have a proper (before dusk!) investment in both. 

I’ve also relished being a part of the extended narrative exploration with Alaina and Leanna about the poems I made for them. You’ll find that on Instagram. 

Day One

Day Two

Ready, Set… Poet

This year I had to be vaguely organised for Post-it Note Poetry, and me being me, all the practical organisation fell to the day before (hell, at least it wasn’t the night before!)

The most important part was to test drive the book I was intending as my primary source (Kelly Link’s Get In Trouble – gifted to me by Rob Cook). I contacted two wonderful women I know via Instagram and asked if they’d help me – by choosing a page.

This was the result (these black and metallic backgrounds, on the bendy paper, do not photograph as beautifully as I’d like) and later today they’ll be winging their way to Canada and the USA.

It definitely gave me a good feel for what kinds of poems likely to come out of this book. I had already thematically brainstormed some ideas – I’ve never built poems from a thematic slant – and these test poems bore out what I had been mentally playing with.

So the ‘Get in Trouble’ series (which will be postcards and the traditional poem squares, on hand-drawn backgrounds) will be…

…poetic snapshots of misdeeds, misadventures and brazen acts of rebellion.

Looking forward to where this is going to take me. Glad to have you along for the ride.