Postcardia-cum-Poetica #69

Card is one of Angela Slatter’s promo cards, (thanks Angela for the unexpected gift of cards!) with artwork by Kathleen Jennings. Words are from Elyora. With dappled light provides by a sudden burst of mid-afternoon sun through my writing room window.


Postcardia-cum-Poetica #68

A homemade postcard – image cut from an old magazine. It’s a bi-fold and a bit on the back (was one of the prototype cards for my tarot postcard readings!) Words from Colum McCann’s Thirteen Ways of Looking.

Postcardia-cum-Poetica #66

The base card features the art of Riki Salam and commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Bringing Them Home Report, which extensively documented the experiences of The Stolen Generation. Words from Calvino’s Invisible Cities.

Postcardia-cum-Poetica #64

King (2017) from Cake Industries’ (Jesse Stevens and Dean Petersen) Machination promo card. Words from Women Who Run With The Wolves.

Love the cohesive discombobulation in all of this.