Dark Moon Declutter

Welcome to chez chaos!

It’s the dark moon and it’s time to bring order to the room that hosts my creativity. I said to Helen and Stacey today, I wondered how long I’d go between tidies if there wasn’t a dark moon every month. 

The fact I have a penchant for fire probably means I would want to do it more often than not. I collect up all my print outs, old drafts, etc for the month and burn them in my fire pit on the dark moon. It’s my way of bringing closure and of sending my thanks out into the universe. 

I’m looking forward to having a clear and clean space to create in again because Monday it’s back to the ‘day shaping’* I started after holidays: writing first thing in the morning, journaling while The Boy does school and editing in the afternoon before the domesticities (which autocorrect turned into demon erotica?!) encroach. 

May there be plenty for you to give thanks for this dark moon. (And perhaps less clutter and mess to sort through).

* Whatever you do, don’t mention the word routine! I did once and only just got away without being scarred for life. 

Going Lunar

For the past three years I’ve wanted to work more with the lunar ebb and flow of energy. While it seems out of step with the rest of the world which runs on arbitary dates on the calendar – this year I really want to try and see what happens if I respect the natural energetic flow.

For those unused to lunar workings – the moon waxes (grows bigger) for just under two weeks, the moon is full for three days and then the moon wanes for just under two weeks. The waxing moon is best for initiating projects, setting goals and using the go-hard energy to achieve lots. The waning to finish projects and tie up loose ends. The full moon is a great time for celebrations. The dark moon best for decluttering, cleaning etc. It is a ready made work time table.

Thus, with the moon new in Capricorn earlier this afternoon (and along with a pretty potent Eclipse) I’m here with my first check in (which includes all of December and the first two weeks of January) and setting goals for the next lunar cycle.

Since I checked in last….

…I’ve been as productive as possible given I’ve become another year wiser, had my mother visit, Christmas, New Years and the school holidays.

  • Bondi was submitted two days early for the 12 Day of Christmas project and received more than two dozen positive comments.
  • Chinese Whisperings (The Red Book) wasn’t finished by my birthday but was finished a few days before the official launch date which went off with a bang at midnight 1st January and to date selling well for an eBook unlisted on Kindle or any other eBook sites and getting fantastic reviews.
  • The Confusion was left in a state of confusion back on my side table and is now back on the shelf. It is the first time in two years I’ve thrown my hands up in the air and said ‘No.” It’s January, technically I’m not back ‘working’ and I want to enjoy what I’m ready.
  • Graceville is on it’s final time with a beta reader (thanks Chris!) after I lost my nerve to submit it in December. After this I will be submitting to Meanjin and keeping my fingers crossed.
  • Taping Lydia has been submitted to Jon Strother’s Best of Flash Friday 2009.
  • My Sandals, renamed Perspectives of Sand, went to Miscellanous Press, and as I blogged yesterday, was rejected. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  • I didn’t get a week away from the computer, but I did get three days away over Christmas and Boxing Day and it was amazing how quickly vivid dreams came back and I was more relaxed, more even tempered and connected.
  • I didn’t manage to stay on top of the daily posting of the photo a day, but continued to chip away and upload at times with a week or more of photos.

Books read in the last six weeks:

  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  • The Lovely Bones
  • Her Fearful Symmetry
  • 100+ pages of The Confusion

Currently reading one third into ‘The Book Thief’

I’ve written and submitted a short story, The Chameleon, for Absolute Xpress’s Flash Fiction Challenge: Thieves and Scoundrels. It got fabulous feedback from my growing stable of beta readers so I’m hopeful it will be a successful submission. Again it went in a few days earlier which was almost as great a thrill as actually having it finished.

Now my goals in the coming month:

  1. Finalise the Chinese Whisperings line up (we’re recruiting 12 new writers to join the exisiting 8 writers from The Red Book)
  2. Finalise the first story for Chinese Whisperings (Paul and I are contemplated/attempting to write a joint story to start and then to end – crazy I know)
  3. Finish the final six entries of my Fourth Fiction novella.
  4. Run a competition to name my Fourth Fiction novella.
  5. Post up my remaining Captain Juan episodes so we can start afresh on the 14th.
  6. Revamp my writing area.
  7. Hem the curtain for the window which my desk sits at (this has been a two year project – sad but true)
  8. Post my photos up every day (I’ve sort of got into the swing of this).
  9. Finalise the projects I want to be involved with for 2010.
  10. Write up my business plan for 2010.

On top of those I’m supporting my creative efforts in a number of other areas.

  • I’ve given up sugar, cold turkey, for 30 days and hopefully longer.
  • I’ve got an exercise video and plan on doing it every day and go out for a walk – healthy body, healthy mind.
  • I’m taking up a hobby – not sure what yet? I’ve been yearning for years to take up dancing,  a friend has been showing us her quilting books and glowing about how much she loves do it and I used to cross stitch – so who knows? I feel the need to be creative in other areas.
  • I’m turning the computer off at 8:30opm (obviously not tonight because I didn’t get the time management quite spot on!)

So, anyone else crazy enough to go ‘lunar’ with me and work from one new moon to the next? And is going ‘lunar’ the organisational equivalent of  ‘going native’?

Image unearthed at Temporarily Going Out Rogue

#59 New Moon

I promised myself the first morning session of New Moon as a NaNo reward. And I was there, with my big red drink. It has been years since I’ve been to the movies by myself and there was no dragging Dave to see it.

Loved it! At two and a half hours, there is more time to develop characters than in the first. Plenty of buff bodies. Having watched Twilight on video over and over again, it felt strange for a time to see all the characters on screen again, doing different stuff. Plenty of good one liners too.

Leo New Moon Creative Space

Writing SpaceEvery dark moon I try hard to get my creative space clean, cleared, smudged and made beautiful again.  While I’m still working on curtains for this space (which I began in January 2008 – nothing like getting things done in a hurry!) and dying to put my up my fairy lights (which can’t go up until the curtains are done) I did finally managed to shift the Mt Everest sized piles of horizontal filing which have been accumulating on my desk for – I don’t know how long.

When Dave was job hunting he sort of unofficially took over my desk and I moved to the end of the kitchen table.  While I’m generally not too fussy about where I work – there is something inspiring and grounding about having a clear, visually (but not too) appealing space in which to work and create.Writing Altar

So as I trudge off to bed – I’m glad I can see my desk top again.  Glad I have another gorgeous writing altar (you will notice Mabel has made a descent from higher up on the book shelves to the altar – she wanted to be there and anyone who knows the story of Mabel – knows that Mabel gets what she wants!). Glad to notice my bamboo has lovel new green shoots on it.