NEW PUBLICATION: “No Love Lost” anthology

Last year I got to celebrate my first poem in print with the publication of “Paper Mâché” in Slim Volume’s No Love Lost. The anthology collects together anti-romance poems and flash fiction.

Editor Kate Garrett has this to say in the preface:

When I put the call out for anti-romance poetry and flash fiction, I wasn’t looking for anti-love (though it’s fine that some writers interpreted it this way). What I wanted was varying and realisitc approaches to writing about love and lust rather than cliché and sentimentality. If we are honest with ourselves…we all know love in real life isn’t love as represented in the latest feel-good romcom.

Love, according to our first Slim Volume, includes disappointment and deceit, elation and lust. It spans lifetimes, ends unhappily, is shared between sailors and the open seas, is always two minutes late, sometimes politically advantaeous and not in the heart, but in the eyes….every single one speaks of love in a unique way , with nary a Manic Pixie Dream Girl or floppy-haired English gent in sight.

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“Paper Mache” was the first poem I wrote ‘seriously’. I still have the very first ideas scribbled in my note book, put down just after I’d finished Nik’s Not so Perfect (and mid Facebook conversation with Adam) on the last Sunday in November 2013, as I sat in an indoor playground. It was also the first poem I performed–that was last year at Tom’s spoken word event, at The End, in West End. Before I’d taken the mic at SpeedPoets.

With a string of firsts already stitched between the words, it feels right for it to be the first to appear in a print book. And as a former angst-ridden teenage poet, who wrote of nothing but love, it also seems right, for the first print poem to be one that celebrates the imperfect and unpredictable nature of love. Especially when you are trying to create it from scratch!


I have a copy of No Love Lost to give away to one lucky reader. To enter, you will need to write your bio (and no, you do not have to be a writer to enter!) infused with the theme of ‘romance’ (either pro or con) as we had to do for the anthology. In fact, the anthology is worth the cover price just to read the bios.

To get those creative juices gurgling you will find me listed as:

JODI CLEGHORN suspects true love is much like the Snow Queen’s mirror: invisible shards waiting to pierce the hapless.

My favourite though is:

KATE WISE’s first dance at her wedding was to 10CC’s “I’m Not In Love”. Yes, really.

I look forward to reading your romantic, or not so romantic, takes on yourselves in the comments. Winner will be announced Saturday night and where applicable, winner contacted for a postal address.

No Love Lost is edited by Kate Garrett. Slim Volume is a Pankhearst title and published by Starshy. You can find the paperback here and the ebook here.