Space Making Play

playWhen I first started doing Fly Lady back at the beginning of 2007, the most noticeable change in our home (other than the lack of clutter and mess) was the light.  Somehow all the crap lying around sucked the light from the rooms. Yesterday was a kitchen blitz – including taking the curtains down for washing.  My kitchen is light again – but it is not the only area being flooded with wonderful light.

After a highly productive morning writing the latest installment The Rain in the Hartog Series and my contribution towards [Fiction] Friday I realised the decluttering I have been doing over the past few days, has been hard but worthwhile.  Opting out of non fiction writing projects, reassessing what I really want to write about and how I want to spend my writing time has been a creative declutter. It is as if the light has come streaming back in.

When I do any sort of releasing ritual I always make sure in thanking and saying good bye to what I am letting go, I always welcome something in.

Energetically if you don’t replace the old with something new, the old will just bounce right back in. After all – old is often a cosey fit, though often no longer useful.  Like  slippers which were two sizes too small for me, which I kept retrieving from the bin as a kid. I loved them but from memory there were no replacements, or nothing as delightful as the holey red Cookie monsters.

This is a covuluted way of saying I guess, this morning’s writing adventures have affirmed to me I have made the right decisions this week.  I’ve released what needed to go and in return what I want has come in. While non fiction gets you 21 000 hits in four months, it is like turning up to the office to work. I still have about eight breastfeeding article to write to hit my six month mark at Type A Mom and the carrot dangling before me “reference on Linked In” but I will take them one article at a time.  I still have along list of topics I want to write about.  I will probably never totally forsaken non fiction writing but for now it does not deserve the huge slab of my time, creativity and energy it has been gorging itself on. I like the idea of non fiction being a necessary diversion every now and again.

I read recently writing should be like playing. After completing The Artist Way three times, of being immersed in the philosophy of creativity as play I’ve persisted in making writing a job. It is a line the sand moment where I say here it is, I’m stepping over and not going back. I love fiction writing and it is where I want to be.

I’m glad I’m over.

Let’s play!

Image via Noise Between Stations which also has a great article on Is Play Important.