All I Want For Christmas…

It’s an awesome state of festive affairs when I get to spruik the work of friends at Christmas time. Supporting the work of indie creators is Yuletide blessings running in both directions, but if you are reading this blog, undoubtedly you are already aligned with that way of thinking.

Zen and the Art of Words

Adam and I are always adventuring creatively.

Earlier this year I pointed Adam in the direction of Kat Apel’s poems that combined block out poetry with zentangle art. He took to the hybrid form like a fish to water (or a pre-school kid to textas!).

Adam’s turned a selection of his poems into postcards and tote bags. Postcards start at $8 for the collection of six, and there’s an awesome bundle of cards and bags for $25. You can purchase them HERE.

A Ray of Christmas Light

img_0304I’m a fan of Rus VanWestervelt. Not simply as a writer and creative advocate, or because of the work he does inspiring young minds and compassion in dark moments – I am a fan of Rus because he’s a Good Human. He is Light and Grace in motion.

Makes it easy to point to his Christmas collection.

Bundled together are four short stories — including the novelette Gretchie’s Gifts — and a selection of blog posts. The collection is free to download, just go HERE, with the option to donate to the The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Rus’s home town.

At The End, Poetry and Other Adventures in Public Reading

attheendTomorrow evening I’m doing my first public poetry reading as part of Tom Dullemond’s “At The End, Poetry” at West End’s The End Bar.

I’m reading Papier Mâché the first poem I wrote in December last year. It is a poem of creativity and longing and letting go the things that no longer serve you. Kind of timely in some ways.

The reading kicks off at 6pm. The theme cocktail of the night draws its name from Stacey’s Memories of Wonderland.

And in other reading news, I’ll be reading on the 8th February as part of the QWC’s first Whispers salon. The theme is ‘false starts’ and I’m looking forward to unveiling a little of my birthpunk world from Encursion.

18 Solacium #postitnotepoetry

solaciumThis was written last week, in the wake of a bunch of difficult stuff coming  to a (temporary) resolution. It seems more pertinent today, sitting on the other side of a decision I don’t feel entirely comfortable with. There would be such solace in sinking below and leaving the bad feelings behind, even for a few moments.


Day Six #postitnotepoetry


day6postitnotepoetryIt’s another of those days where I see dawn bleed across the suburb, hours after I got up.

I originally conceptualised dawn as a pale-pink wash, which eventually led me to the idea of the blue-rinse. And while I normally associate the kookaburra chorus with dawn, the crows were the loudest this morning. Almost mocking me for being awake.

This ended up a collision between the start of a poem scribbled on the front of a script I’d been working on a what I’d written in to accompany an Instagram photo of dawn.

Day Four #postitnotepoetry



Today we started the first of the battery of tests for my son to ascertain his academic level and better understand the way he thinks.

There is no ‘normal’. At worst ‘normal’ is associated with the lowest common denominator. Normal assumes there is a mold to fit, a mold to break. If we go looking for normal… Well we’d better spend time searching out rainbows and pots of gold.

My son isn’t brilliant. I don’t expect these tests to come back and tell me he is a genius. These tests will enable us to negotiate with the school to provide work to re-engage Mr D with the learning process. They are a first step toward a new love of learning.

Addendum: It occurred to me after I wrote this, that these rounds of tests and the reports that come after them… these are our way of trying to articulate and feed into a system, what is normal to us as a family unit. It’s about finding a way to express, and ultimately integrate, what’s normal for us.