The Collector’s Lament #PostItNotePoetry


Kiss all the girls, Higgins.
Collect their desire
like fireflies in a jar
against the loneliness
they illuminate and distract
from the kiss you anticipate.
The angst you cannot enunciate.
The love on which you ruminate.
Go kiss the girls, Higgins
and in the room beneath
your bedroom, lock Eliza away.

With apologies to George Bernard Shaw and John Fowles.

Post It Note Poetry 2015

IMG_1311 2Post It Note Poetry is back for another year!

In 2013, while we were neck deep in writing Post Marked: Piper’s Reach, Adam and I challenged each other to a month of writing bad poetry. Adam upped the ante by insisting said dreadful poetry had to be contained to a single post it note. And #PostItNotePoetry was born.

It has grown each year and you can be a part of it. The rules are simple.

You will need:

1. Post it notes (though some clever individuals have been using e-notes).

2. Something to write on the post it note with (obviously not essential for writing on screens!)

3. Something poetic to say on the post it note.

4. Something to photograph the post it note with (think out side the square with how you frame and photograph your tiny masterpiece)

5. Something to collect your post it notes in/or.

Use Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr or a blog to share your poem. My favourite Post It Note Poets (veterans from 2013!) are @revhappiness, @SeanBlogonaut, @mkelly317 and @robgcook but I can see there are already many new poets to fall in love with this month.

There is no need to adhere to form, theme, tone, meter, rhyme or anything else that might normally apply. #PostItNotePoetry not only welcomes but embraces experimentation. You can commit to the entire 28 days or anywhere in between.

So jump in and be part of the Facebook group or follow on Twitter with #PostItNotePoetry.