Postcardia-cum-Poetica #58

This is the first of a mated pair of postcards – using the same image to create a different juxtaposition. I chose this one as it was sent on Hallowe’en and it seemed sort of appropriate (like dressing your dog in a red tutu to go trick-or-treating – which yes, was what I saw on my way to the post box!!)

The postcard is a promotional one for the Ballarat International Foto Biennial (shout out to my home town) and is David LaChapelle’s Can You Help Us? Words from Women Who Run With The Wolves.


The Little Shoppe of Juxtapositions #PostItNotePoetry


Hearts ache at the in
that is not the out door
where vestibule meets an
old counter, recently buffed.

Beyond, shelves house curios
that whisper stories through
onion-skin tissue
when held.


Slow dance in dappled dreams
that touch frets and spines
caress celluoid reels and fabric
as a turntable plays an never ending
ever-shifting soundtrack.

At the out door that is not an in
hearts ache to return.