Postcardia-cum-Poetica #17

My friend, Kim, welcomes a new soul into her family next week and I’d been searching for the right card to be the final card before this momentuous shift. This card, with Mirree Louise Bayliss’s artwork, Ancestral Butterfly, fell out of her colouring book, as I was shifting it from one pile to another on my desk. 

The baggie of fragments, as always, came to the party. 

Post-It Note Poetry, Days 1 & 2

I haven’t quite had the dedicated time I had been hoping for since the start of February. But I’ve kept up – both with the art and the poetry. Today I’ve got time set aside to have a proper (before dusk!) investment in both. 

I’ve also relished being a part of the extended narrative exploration with Alaina and Leanna about the poems I made for them. You’ll find that on Instagram. 

Day One

Day Two

Postcardia-cum-Poetica #9

This is a sneaky weekend postcard. My friend, Emily, was visiting yesterday morning and I decided to do a live ‘poem’ as she was going through the collection of poem squares I have.

This time the poem came before the postcard. I was able to dig into my box of postcards to find this one from mid-last year. I like the way it plays into the deeper meanings of the poem. 

Emily took it home with her, along with the Poem Square she purchased last month, when I released the first few from the metallics series, plus a bonus: the two postcards she had made. But more on that tomorrow.