Postcardia-cum-Poetica #37

This one is a bit of an odd fish! I started off with an image of boats on a harbour in a sublime violet-hued dusk, and ended up in this hotel room. 

There is something about the image that gave me a sense of immense spaci dislocation. The card appear far bigger than I actually was. And I expected at any moment for a Lynchian character to wander through the frame. Or for me to be sucked into it.

Nothing like a little adventure to keep one on their toes. And the subversive shit-stirrer in me wished this particular one didn’t have to go in an envelope! 

Image taken from a travel brochure and words from Elyora.

Lost #PostItNotePoetry


In a remote corner of yourself
between my dreams and yours,
you existed.
Wildness a prison you spun
from silken bonds.
When I found you,
grief washed clean a single thread
unteethered to suture
what your cocoon
could not heal in me.

From ‘Lost’ came Rus (@rusvw13) VanWestervelt’s  ‘Found’…