#42 Kini Drip

drop 1

Today was the first swim in our pool for the season. It wasn’t the first outing for the “kinis” given we’ve not long been to Cairns and also spent a lovely afternoon at Redcliff’s Suttons Beach two weekends ago.

What I wanted to capture was the drip (and not all the other pieces of clothing on the line) My patience did pay off. This isn’t the one with the drip in free fall (like another) but has better composition. My NaNo keep amping up the creativity!

#35 Beach Baby


We disappeared up to Sutton’s Beach (Redcliff) this afternoon. I would have loved to have taken a photo of my toes poking out of the water as I floated in sea bliss, but didn’t want to risk the phone in the water – call me lacking in adventure. I felt tired and shaken up like an champagne bottle (ready to explode) the time on the beach and water allowed me to detox the negativity and come home feeling refreshed – and a good sort of tired.

In the foreground of the mess called our “space on the beach” is Blue Melissae. It was the perfect place to get lost in the world of Shet and Karu. I will definitely have reached the end by the time Sunday comes – actually hoping to get there midweek.