Time Is On My Side

…oh yes it is!

I refuse to think of myself as time poor. This is despite hammering down the door of a major deadline for the first of eMergent Publishing’s non-fiction clients, keeping the fires of Chinese Whisperings stoked, preparing for my first virtual book launch and trying to keep afloat in life. If I bring a poverty mentality  to my working and creative life I can’t expect keep my head above the water.

Yes – I’d like more sleep, yes – I’d like more time to read, yes – I want to spend time with my family and yes – I am yearning to write (especially since my kind characters chose this very week to reveal the previously hidden hooks of a story to me in the shower on Thursday) but this too will pass.

The non-fiction project is a planning text called ‘Gnarly Planning’ by the wonderful Dr Jane Stanley. The book is amazing and definitely not your run-of-the-mill university text. Instead it is  full of inspiring personal stories from Jane’s adventures overseas, humbling accounts of people making do with very little and lots of good old common sense, that doesn’t just apply to the area planning, so I’m discovering as I read and layout. While it continues to be a very consuming experience for me – the plethora of astounding photographs and the text in general keeps me going. It is the only experience of working/reading a non-fiction book where I have been inundated with waves of goosebumps.

Speaking of time –  tomorrow is my first time as part of a virtual book launch (Saturday for those folks in the Nth Hemisphere)  Absolute Xpress’ “Thieves and Scoundrels” anthology, which my short story “The Chameleon” is published in, is officially launched tomorrow.

There are two parts to the launch  – a rolling stock of  ‘virtual’ interviews with some of the anthology’s authors (12 authors, in 9 time zones, across seven hours) as well as an Amazon chart rush.

While I’m part of the virtual interview section – to promote myself, my story, my writing and of course the anthology, I’m also participating to see how it all works and what sort of fit it might be for The Yin and Yang books in October.

My “spot” is on at the following times:

  • New York: Saturday 6:45pm
  • Chicago: Saturday 5:45pm
  • Calgary: Saturday 4:45pm
  • LA: Saturday 3:45pm
  • GMT: Saturday 10:45pm
  • London:  Saturday 11:45pm
  • German: Sunday 12:45am
  • Afghanistan: Sunday 3:15am
  • Brisbane: Sunday 8:45am

I’ll be talking/typing about about my story, what I’m currently working on, my influences and what I find challenging about flash fiction. You can be a part of the author chats by following this link.

The other aspect of the launch is an Amazon chart rush.

To participate I’m asking my friends, family writing colleauges and blog readers, between 10am – 5pm Mountain Time (Pacific: 9am – 4pm, Central: 11am – 6pm, Eastern: Noon – 7pm, GMT: 4pm – 11pm, EST Queensland: 2am – 9am on April 11) to go to the Thieves and Scoundrel’s page and considerdoing one or all of the following:

  • buying ‘Thieves and Scoundrels’
  • view the ‘Thieves and Scoundrels’ page
  • add the book to their wish list
  • suggest to a friend

All these things will increase the book’s ranking on Amazon.com.

Now, speaking of time… I have some interview questions to get sorted and some sleep to be had.

Image: Temporal Paradox by PatsPiks via Picture Post