90s Valentine #postitnotepoetry

Because it is Valentines Day and because I already had a stock of poems and because I couldn’t see myself actually writing anything suitable for the day and because I started composing little rhyming couplets in the car this morning… because of all of this you get a double helping of #postitnotepoetry today. No apologies for the bitter after taste!

Part One – 1992valentines
A prawn cocktail entree
Before they made me sick
A fancy meal for two
Before you were a prick

Part Two – 1995
Ate a block of Cadbury’s
Drank a bottle of wine
In an alco-choc coma
Was alone in bed by nine

Part Three – 1999
An unexpected V-Day gift
A watch of pretty silver links
It doesn’t change a thing for me
Abusive behaviour stinks you see.