Reflection #1

From yesterday’s blue to today’s red, the colour shift is enough for me to know there is shift happening, though ironically the shift is actually a settle. It’s been a bumpy seven days!

This combo gave me pause to think on what I do to ground myself to align with my creativity. Here, CBR talks about the King’s confidence becoming a rigidness that prevents new ideas. 
I get that confidence has the capacity to create a false sense of security that can compel you to continue to do the same thing, with the same result, over and over (some will tell you that’s success!) but for me confidence has always inspired me to try new things. When I am confident I take major leaps and major risks. I also tend to sparkle enough with those new ideas to co-opt others into jumping with me.
I stay grounded with the mundane – washing, dishes, cooking to name three. They are great places to gestate new ideas. 

And walking.

I was reminded of this yesterday when I was forced to walk to retrieve my car from the mechanic. And guess what – I’m far from being as unfit as I think I am. I really enjoyed it. My routine , within my body, has settled enough now that I can think about an afternoon walk again without keeling over from exhaustion.

What do you do to stay grounded and available for the incoming flow of ideas? Is confidence restrictive or liberating?

#26 Climb Every Moutain


Ok – I will be the first to admit this is a HILL and not a MOUNTAIN but at 5am in the morning when I have just tumbled out of bed it feels like slogging up a mountain. This is all part of me getting into training for NaNo.  And intead of flitting about on the easy route – I decided last Saturday to make it all little more challenging. There is an equal sized hill on the return journey on it is on a gentler incline – but sadly goes for twice as long. I think I enjoy it and it is more productive (creatively speaking) in the afternoon if I can do it alone.  My thoughts were uncanningly still and quiet this morning.