#18 Manuscripts cake and conversation


Today was my writing group. We only meet every month so it is a big thing. As you can see from the array of food on offer the empty collection of pretty plates, it is as much about food as it is conversation, critique, books and writing.

It’s my reality check for the month. I’m determined next month I’m taking a good simple narrative along with me. No more weird, first draft sci-fi, spec-fic, urban fantasy stuff. Part of me wishes I had have taken Taping Lydia with me instead of my Fourth Fiction writings to date.

While I’m good on the small picture stuff, I really suck at the big picture (despite the fact I have it all in my head). So now the plan is to begin working the big picture into my writing. Looks like there is far more work ahead for my still un-named Fourth Fiction novella if it’s going to be up to scratch to submit along with the other work for Long Short Stories.