sidewaysBWI remember loving stories from an early age. Not surprising given both my parents were (and still are) avid readers. A chalk-toting, guitar-slinging teacher and a koala in a green and gold tracksuit initiated me into the craft of story telling aged ten. Since then the  hunger for words has never truly been sated.


In 2008 I returned to writing after working my way through a kaleidoscope of jobs which never cut it like writing did. As a full time, stay-at-home Mum, there was time in the cracks of life to chase characters across the wilderness of my imagination.

Famous for saying “But I don’t write sci-fi” my efforts now centre on penning short speculative fiction, in a unique genre known to those close to me as ‘dark, weird shit’. My stories continue to be influenced by the themes of love, loss, betrayal, the dynamics of power, time travel and the eternal question what if?

Forever mystress to the voices in my head, my stories have appeared in anthologies in Australia and aboard including: The Best of Friday Flash, Thieves and Scoundrels, 50 Stories for Pakistan, Dead Red Heart, Hope, One Small Step and Sunday Shots:the Shorts, Vine Leaves Literary Journal and Tincture.

In 2011 the Chair of FANtastic Queensland named me the 2nd recipient of the Kris Hembury Encouragement Award for Emerging Artist.

In 2012 my debut novella Elyora appeared in the Review of Australian Fiction’s Down the Rabbit Hole special edition and went on to be short listed for an Aurealis award and in 2013 was sold to Endeavour Press as River of Bones. I was also fortunate enough to partner with Adam Byatt to co-create Post Marked: Piper’s Reach an epistolary web serial. No Need to Reply, a chapbook of flash fiction and vignettes was published in 2014, along with a collaborative short story 24 with Claire Jansen. Awaiting publication in 2015 is my dark birthpunk story Womb-of-Mine on the Lane of Unusual Traders and the magical realism short At Arm’s Length with Tincture.

2014 saw me take to the open mic poetry scene and I was lucky enough to be one of SpeedPoets call back poets. I performed a eight-minute set at the finals in November. The set was re-recorded on SoundCloud. In it’s written form, my poetry has been published in No Love Lost and Vine Leaves Literary Journal and there is the ubiqutous Post It Note Poetry (created with Adam Byatt) that in 2015 was in it’s 3rd year of colourful chaos.

My short essay ‘#6in6: a look at accidental community’ was included in “The n00bz: new adventures in literature” (2014). Several articles on collaborative writing and beta reading were also commissioned by The Writers Bloc the same year.


In 2008 Paul Anderson and I founded eMergent Publishing with the vision of providing new writers with an opportunity to not only be published, but to work collaboratively with other writers and in close partnership with an editor. From the beginning we prided ourselves on making books that pushed the boundaries of collaborative writing and the short story and anthology forms under the imprints Chinese Whisperings and Literary Mix Tapes.

My passion for big ideas has seen me create and co-edit Chinese Whisperings’ The Red Book and The Ying & Yang Book, Literary Mix Tapes’ Deck the Halls, Nothing But Flowers, Eighty Nine and from Stage Door Shadows.

In 2011 I edited E.J. Newman’s From Dark Places and provided editorial and publishing support for the charity anthology 100 Stories for Queensland. 2011 was also the final year of the writing blog Write Anything, auspiced by eP for it’s final years of publication.

In 2012, on the back of the success of 100 Stories for Queensland, I spearheaded eMergent’s Community Publishing Partnerships Program under which The Best of Friday Flash: Volume 2, The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal and In Fabula Divino were published.

In 2013 I took sole responsibility for eMergent and while re-visioning the business, published eP’s first novel, The Machine Who Was Also a Boy, a middle-school philosophical adventure by the Tom Dullemond and Mike McRae. I also delivered my first seminar for the Queensland Writers Centre and participated in their Writer’s Surgery programme.

Mid 2013-2015 were years of publishing hiatus and a withdraw from publishing and editing to focus on homeschooling my son and writing.

2016 is a bridge between what came before and what comes next.


Are you a writer?
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2 thoughts on “About

  1. I like your poem and your writing. I’m not good with computer smarts (nor street ones either) how do I ‘join’ and get to see more of your stuff? I have an iPad and don’t know how to bookmark you. Gail


  2. Discord or calm 

    Are we in the land of discord or calm?
    What are the creatures behind my palm?
    what are the eyes in the wall?
    Tell me the reason for the fall.
    What is the congregation of voices saying?
    What foundation are the hands laying?
    What is the opposite of woeful pride?
    What is on the other side?


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