Edited by Lesley Halm
Pages 99
ISBN 978-0-9945506-2-0
$11.99 (plus postage)

First published as Elyora by Review of Australian Fiction (2012)
Published digitally as River of Bones by Endeavour Press (2013)

Short-listed Aurealias Awards, short horror 2012
Amazon (Aus) #1 (Horror) & #13 (Bestsellers)

When Jo, Hal and Benny arrive in Elyora the absence of takeaway coffee is the least of their problems. At each other’s throats and without transportation, phone service or somewhere to stay, they accept the hospitality of the enigmatic Lazarus at the original Elyora homestead.

As day turns to night, the sanctuary of the rambling house becomes a terrifying alternate reality of memories peeling back onto themselves to expose secrets and paranoia dating back to 1942.

To escape Elyora and return to 2012, Jo must remember who she is and find Benny and Hal before they succumb to  the same fate as those who came before them.


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