Tarot Readings

I am a cooperative reader. I facilitate a space for conversations that inspire insight and change, lead by the cards. This means the seeker/querent and I are partners in the reading. Together we explore the question brought to the cards. I do not tell futures or fortunes. I am interested in exploring the here and now, helping to provide clarity on troubling issues and assisting to incite positive change.

All sessions end with a set of suggestions for how to use the insights unearthed during the conversation.


I combine Barbara Moore’s Steampunk tarot with Colette Baron-Reid’s oracle deck for empowered readings. Three cards are initially drawn, based on one of different spreads, followed by a second draw of three cards of the seeker chooses.


  • A general three card draw
  • Past-Present-Future
  • Within-Without-Advice (what’s going on internally, externally, and ways to navigate them both)
  • The Doors spread (the door that got you to this point, the door that’s closing, the door that’s opening)


The seeker must come with a pre-prepared question. The question MUST relate to themselves, not to a third-party. A question that provides scope for empowerment is preferred. A questions with a kernel of a catalyst for change is best.


In-person readings available for those living in the Brisbane area. Remote readings for anywhere beyond, available via Skype.

For the months of August and September I am offering 20 free 20 minutes sessions. To book contact me on