2010 Month in Review 2

The new moon was last Wednesday – just an hour or so after the launch of Gnarly Planning at the State Library. It has taken until now to get around to reflecting and plotting… and somehow it feels far further into the year than it actually is (well the creative year that is!)

Reading Goals

Last month:

1. HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams

2. Cat’s Eyes – Margaret Atwood

3. Bluebeards Egg (Anth) Margaret Atwood

The short story reading is struggling to gain legs again, but I’m having a go. I’m intending to read some flash fiction to get me caught up (thanks Dan for the idea!) Bluebeards Egg was purchased as my attempt to climb back on the story a day for a year cart. I found it a bit hit and miss, even for a favourite author such as Attwood.

It made me realise I am

1) in a different era as a women, and

2) in a different era as a writer (how much I love short, short stories that get to the point!)

As it is Mercury Retrograde for a fair swath of the coming month I’m going back to revisit some favourites this coming month.

1. Mists of Avalon – Marion Zimmer Bradley

2. Snow Crash – Neal Stephenson

3. 36 :the collected short stories – Jeffrey Archer

4. Thieves and Scoundrels – Absolute Xpress’s FFC #3 winners


From last month:

  • Pre-post the old WA columns (no – going to try this month to get it happening)
  • Give the Photo Challenge a break (yes – and glad to be free of the guilt)
  • Follow up Abigail about the guest post (no – she’s more snowed under than I am)
  • Put down some thoughts for a blog make over (adding it to the list for this month)

Blogging remains a much maligned part of my writing life. I did get a couple of brand new posts up – to do with the launch of Thieves and Scoundrels and to track the fact I was keeping my head above water and not drowning (the power of positive thought).  I want to do some more as I aim to return to my roots as a writer this month.

For this month

  • Just blog and enjoy doing it.
  • Put together some ideas on what I’d like the blog to look like – and do it!
  • Accept the two blog awards I have outstanding.
  • Read and comment on a blog a day.


From last month:

  • Dedicate Tuesday night writing races to writing Hartog (where I could, I did)
  • Thursday is a CW free day… reserved for writing – looking to hit four Fiction Friday inclusions (no – didn’t do a single one and Thursdays got swallowed by more pressing projects )
  • Write and post 12.11 of Novella before the end of the lunar cycle (no)
  • Submit Pearls of Wisdom to Australian Women Online (no – though it did get a rewrite an two new critiques)
  • Submit Graceville to Meanjin (no)
  • April 1 – new Flash Fiction Challenge from Absolute Xpress… ideas for a story (yes – I have two!)

Thieves and Scoundrels which has my story “The Chameleon” in it was published at the start of the month and the virtual launch was on the 10th in which I was interviewed as part of the online marketing for it. I also wrote a dialogue only piece which was well received. The very first exploration of the novel noir I want to write later on in the year.

For this month:

I’m seeing a theme of making writing a priority emerging… listen to the Universe when it speaks to you!!!

1. Four Fiction Fridays for the month – or four #fridayflash pieces
2. Finish novella… only two episodes to go
3.  Submit Pearls of Wisdom
4. Write first draft of Dirty River (nee Summer Girl)
5. After Mercury Rx – send in Graceville
6. 4/4 for the Writing Races
7. First draft for FF#4


From last month:

  • Do a complete rewrite/make over on Summer Girl (I didn’t actually write it – but I got the hook and ideas on how to progress and a new name – Dirty River)
  • Fix the ending of Pearls of Wisdom. (I tried and it didn’t work)
  • Edit and refine each Hartog installment before posting. (At least one went up)

This coming month:

  • Rewrite Pearls of Wisdom
  • Complete my editing duties for BOFF.
  • Rewrite the next four installments of Hartog
  • Edit my final installments of Captain Juan

Professional Development

From last month

  • Investigate YONonline (did but decided it wasn’t the right time)

In a weird quirk of fate I ended up attending two workshops and a public talk. The workshops were on motivated characters and a second on editing. The public talk by Kate Eltham was on writing grant applications (with the 100 Years of IWD project in mind)

For the coming month

  • Book for EWF.


From last month:

1. Remember Me* (excellent)

2. Time Travellers Wife* (terrible – travesty!!)

3. The Rebound* (not too bad)

4. Love and Other Catastrophes (was almost as good the second time – 14 years on)

5. Lantana (finally – didn’t blow my socks off though kept me guessing )

6. Nanny McPhee (wonderful)

7. How To Train Your Dragon (excellent – though told it destroyed the book)

8. Brother Where Art Thou (brilliant)

Month Coming

1. Clash of the Titans

2. Date Night

3. Iron Man 2

4. Love Letter to Juliet

*designates those which were on last months to see list


Chinese Whisperings

Moving along well. My editorial duties were put on hold while I was away (picked up nicely between Tony Noland and Dan Powell who collaborated to fuse their stories while I was out of contact) We’re now at the midway point.

We’ve picked up an artist (Carrie Clevenger’s husband, Lucas) to do the book covers. With Paul back on board the work load has eased up a bit (not shouldering the pressure of both anthologies).

By the end of the month:

  • Have a physical copy of The Red Book
  • Finalise stories 1 – 5
  • Reset price and have it listed a various external bookstores

eMergent Publishing

We completed our first non-fiction project AND had our first non-fiction launch – at none other than the State Library of Queensland on 14th April. After saying we could do it, we did it, converting Dr Jane Stanley’s wonderful book “Gnarly Planning:tools for local and global action” into a digital format complete with downloadable chapters and a funky looking website.

By the end of the month:

  • Finalise the website for GP – including the dial up version of the site
  • See the first of the money flow in and the downloads flow out.
  • Map marketing ideas
  • Get an eMergent website up (we finally got an URL which is more in keeping with what eMergent has become)
  • Become a legal entity (finally)

Captain Juan

I am determined to have my bits for the current narrative stream up… I need to get back writing the good ‘old Captain and wondering if it is time to take on a new writers to inject some life back into the story?

The Great Adventure

This is my year of adventure – and last month I finally did something small. I took my first ever karate class and loved it. Looking forward to this becoming a regular part of my week and something to share with Dylan. Thanks Annie for sharing your wonderful karate school with us.

7 thoughts on “2010 Month in Review 2

    • Last month I could honestly say “no”. Finishing off Gnarly Planning meant night were there was only two hours sleep. But I can’t function like that in the long term and the adrenalin hangover is horrid.

      This month I’m trying for a good fit for everything, which also includes sleep.


    • Thank you Ben.

      My days of prolific blogging seem to far behind. And while I’m unlikely to return to rampant bloggism (but there is always hope) I do want to be back here, saying the things which are important to me, and the insights which may spark something in someone who reads it.

      Changing the world – one action, one word at a time. I hope I can blog up to your standard!


    • How about I blog about HHGTTG? Because there’s more to it than just I liked it or didn’t like it. It falls into a category of life experiences which deserve greater explanation.

      And then you can all ban me from the cool kids table…


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