#21 Putting the Piece Together


As I child I loved jigsaws. My Nanna and Pa had this great wooden jigsaw I played with well beyond the age appropriateness of it. For many many years there was always a jigsaw in progress. My Dad even cut a piece of masonite board so said project could be shifted at dinner time. I’m glad to have passed the joy of jigsaw to my son.  Though I’m not sure about my love and joy of doing Ben 10 jigsaws!


3 thoughts on “#21 Putting the Piece Together

  1. I’m with you on the colours. I love my table cloth.

    Ben 10 is a horrible kids program on Saturday morning TV – another of those bloody viral cross marketing things – all us parents hate and the kids love. If it wasn’t based on violence and idiocy I wouldn’t mind, but …. don’t get me started!


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